Jõulusoovide puu

Jõulusoovide puul on turva- ja asenduskodude laste jõuluvanale saadetud unistused ja soovid. Et need ei jääks pelgalt unistusteks, vali jõulupuult kink ning tee annetus vastavalt oma võimalustele.


Planned expenditures for 2013

  • With help from good donors, we are able to expand our operations. We are continuing to support children without parental through substitute homes and safe houses. Funds raised go to support all children receiving services at substitute homes and safe houses in Estonia. The support may be used for organising hobby and leisure activities; updating supplies, study materials and computer facilities needed by children at school; and purchasing sports equipment as well as materials and supplies needed for crafts. With the funds raised, the Fund also provides support in the way of accessories needed for children’s intellectual development, psychological counselling for children, running therapy camps, creative therapy for young children and the work of occupational therapists with children. Support is also available for specialist training events for and supervision of staff, purchasing supplies and equipment needed for fitting out workshops, holding lecture series for children and the like.
  • In spring and autumn, we award study scholarships for children without parental care and young mothers (bearing children before turning 19). The study scholarship is used to cover tuition fees, purchasing study supplies and monthly subsistence benefits, and also childcare costs in case of young mothers. A hobby activities scholarship is awarded once a year, in the autumn.
  • We are continuing to work with the non-profit MTÜ Oma Pere, which coordinates a support programme for foster families. With the assistance from it, a support system is being created for foster families, group counselling and training days are organised, and professional counsellor services are provided.



Osale heateos Täname Sind abi eest, kui oled meie heategevusprogrammi juba toetanud või kavatsed seda teha tulevikus. Sõlmi püsikorraldusleping summas 3 eurot kuus või aita ühekordse annetusega.