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Auhinnaga „Lastega ja lastele“ täname ja tunnustame inimesi ja organisatsioone, kelle uued algatused või pikemaajaline tegevus on positiivselt mõjutanud laste ja perede käekäiku.
Tunnustusauhinna taotluste voor on avatud 15. aprillini.

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Wishes may actually come true

By today, Santa has travelled through all shelters and foster homes in Estonia and brought more than a thousand children their personal Christmas gifts. But he would not have done it without all these big-hearted people who, despite a busy Christmas time, could also care about young people they did not know and their wishes.

Thousand dreams fulfilled

With the support of virtuous donors, we could already, for the fifth time, give more than a thousand children from shelters and foster homes Christmas joy similarly to children from regular homes. All the gift wishes that made it to the Christmas tree were fulfilled with the help of donors and today there are a thousand more children in Estonia who can take with them, from this Christmas, the joy of a dream fulfilled.

We shall share a bit of joy also with you.

Anette got a pink hat, gloves, and a scarf and was ready to go outside immediately, even alone, because morning and going to the kindergarten was still soooooo far off. She wanted so much to try out how warm it was outside with her new hat and gloves. While usually Anette is a sleepyhead in the mornings, the next morning she was the first one ready.
Aron probably did not believe that he could really get real workout shoes! His bewilderment was sincere and modest and his delight noticeable and visible because he did not take of his new running shoes for the rest of the day.
Pille did not even have time to unwrap her bean bag – she quickly needed to try how great it was to sit on it. Santa had also hit the spot with the colour. The girl sat on her bean bag the entire evening, ate dinner on it, watched the TV and thought she could also spend the night on it.
Rainer who got a fishing rod, thought he had to start going immediately… Where to? Of course to the riverside, fishing, the river was not frozen yet! Rainer talked for several hours how he would fish, what technique he would use and how there would never be food concerns at home because he would bring the fish! Now the boy only needs to wait for spring when he can take his rod and think his important thoughts by the river.
Emmanuel, the eldest child in the shelter who got the first football boots of his life, could not hide his emotions either. The entire house probably heard his cry of joy that expressed his feelings.

The greatest wish

Although children’s joy from the gifts was sincere, unfortunately foster home children have wishes that cannot be fulfilled with any gifts.

A few days ago, 5-year-old Martin, who lives in a foster home, was making decorations for the Christmas tree. At the same time, the mailman brought his friend a parcel. Martin put the things away, looked his helper deep in the eye and said, “All children are going visiting for Christmas and they get presents. I do not have anyone. I want a mother, why has no one given birth to my mother?”

Dear Santa, can you fulfil Martin’s wish?

Joy not for only one evening

By donating money on the Christmas tree to fulfil one child’s gift wish, the donors did not give this child joy only for one night, but also the knowledge of his importance.

“Today, we had a very nice Christmas gathering in the foster home’s youth home. We enjoyed good food and nice company at the table. It was great to talk about the world. We also talked about where and how the Christmas presents are coming to our youth this year. Our youth are already so old that they no longer believe in elves and Santa and by explaining the whole process they understand better that the presents do not fall down from the sky, but there are people behind them who have thought about them and want them to do well in life. It was immediately apparent how it slightly lifted the youth’s self-respect – some stranger is thinking about me and wishes me well, this means that I am important! Thanks to this, the youth can value gifts more – these are simply not things, but also values and good wishes.”

Big thanks to all donors from the bright-eyed gift recipients as well as SEB Heategevusfond for giving the children the opportunity to experience that their wishes may actually come true. We hope that Martin’s wish will also come true.

More pieces of joy

“Look, teacher, THIS IS MY BIKE!” said Renzo with a loud and echoing voice when he first saw it. Renzo was very happy as owning a bike was his big dream! Renzo sat on the bike already in the party room after having read verses to Santa. When he later got to his house, he did not allow the bicycle to be left in the garage, but wheeled it quickly into his room next to his bed and for the rest of the evening you could hear Renzo’s bicycle bell ringing.
Andrus got goalkeeper’s gloves and Mario a football – the boys immediately started to form a football team. Andrus was sure that his team would win thanks to the gloves and Mario thought that he would score several goals in a row.
Gerli promised to make a big batch of waffles with her brand new waffle iron already before the end of the Christmas holidays.
Ilian took his dump truck with a big flatbed and immediately started to drive with it. The flatbed tilted. It contained candies that also needed to be opened quickly. First, Ilian was driving around with candies, later with all kinds of toys. The boy even tried to sit on the truck.
Risto hurried to ask teacher for help because he could not open the gift because of excitement. As a keen listener to Kihnu Virve, he was glad that Santa fulfilled his wish. In the evening, the boy started to listen to the CD, next day they watched the DVD with friends.
Karolina and Aigar got remote control cars. They rallied and competed in a friendly way for the entire evening, lost their appetite, and even did not have time to eat candies. For the night, they parked the cars safely under the pillow.
Ain got a wristwatch. “Cool watch, now I can measure how long I can stay under water, you can do lots of things with this.” The young man was happy. The teacher kindly reminded him that besides all the other things the watch could also be used to check the time.
Aivar was missing after the party. The teacher and other children looked for him for a long time because the boy was sitting quietly like a mouse in the corner of his room and was so focused that he did not hear when he was called. He was putting together his Lego set in the corner, so he would not lose any pieces when the others were playing. He was busy for hours.
Gennadi was very happy about his Angry Birds. He helped the teachers to maintain order for the entire evening by calling others to order with his Angry Birds voice. Of course, he snuggled with the gift for the night and took it to the kindergarten in the morning.
Anuliine put Kättemaksukontor’s poster on her wall as the first thing and then started to examine her book. Other girls were quite jealous and this made Anu especially glad because now she had something that both she and the others had dreamt of and her dream had been fulfilled.
Kätlin was speechless with great happiness, first she just held the headphones on her head, looked at them and stroked them. The next morning, her first words to the others were also, “You know, Santa brought me earphones!” Of course she started to use the headphones right away.
When Evi got her boxing gloves, she announced, “Now keep clear!” and was glad that she could unload her stress with boxing.
As Anton’s hands were not working properly, he opened the gift with his teacher’s help. As his favourite activity is listening to music, already seeing the picture on the box made him ring with joy. The boy sat for a long time with his headphones, touched them, and wished to listen to music alone in his room for the rest of the evening.
Rain examined his pan for a long time and was glad that it also had a steam regulator. This way, cooking would be much easier in the future.
First Silver pecked quietly at the package’s edge, but when he saw what it was, he started to shake all over, quickly tore the paper off, and jumped up and down. The new episode of his favourite cartoon “Ice Age” was so engaging that he even refused to go outside the next day.
Ranno opened the gift and took out the external hard drive, stretched his hand over his head and showed it to everyone and said, “Wow, this is a thing. Do you even know what it is? Of course I can explain it to you…”

Impressions from children and housemothers were collected by Triin Lumi

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