Lastega ja lastele

Auhinnaga „Lastega ja lastele“ täname ja tunnustame inimesi ja organisatsioone, kelle uued algatused või pikemaajaline tegevus on positiivselt mõjutanud laste ja perede käekäiku.
Tunnustusauhinna taotluste voor on avatud 15. aprillini.

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Tour: ‘Take Notice of Those Smaller’

On 22 April, the last event of the ‘Take Notice of Those Smaller’ tour was held at Narva Children’s Shelter. This joint event, where children could pet dogs and cats, a guinea pig and a rabbit (who all, by the way, enjoyed the attention!) was organised with the help of the non-profit organisation ‘Pesaleidja’.

The children were first told what a friendship with a pet involves and how to take care of a four-legged friend. With the help of a handyman, children made dog kennels, scratch poles and toys for animals in shelters, all of which were given as presents to the Kohtla-Järve animal shelter.
The children were completely immersed in their work: for several hours nothing else could be heard but their concentrated breathing, the rattle of tools and wood and practical talk over where and how to place and turn the screws. They were all very enthusiastic about making kennels and scratch poles. One 10-year-old boy from Narva was not in the least discouraged by the fact that he had screwed a scratch pole to the floor. Another small girl was running round excitedly and showing everyone her newfound friend: “See, see, a kitty!” and all other kids were nodding away. When work on the kennels was completed, one of the dogs came to have a look at its new home – and what a joy for the kids and the dog alike when the latter discovered that two boys had squeezed themselves into it!

I was moved by the enthusiasm and commitment with which they built the kennels and scratch poles and the gentleness with which they petted the animals. Stories about animals were told, furry friends cuddled and screws inserted into their rightful places. I am convinced that the children who participated in the workshops gained a sense of responsibility for those smaller in their hearts.

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