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Auhinnaga „Lastega ja lastele“ täname ja tunnustame inimesi ja organisatsioone, kelle uued algatused või pikemaajaline tegevus on positiivselt mõjutanud laste ja perede käekäiku.
Tunnustusauhinna taotluste voor on avatud 15. aprillini.

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The smell of new shoeboxes in the air

Shoes wear out quickly, particularly on children’s feet, given how much running around they do. And in most cases, for kids who live in shelters, ‘new’ almost always means “someone else’s old”. The shelters’ resources are limited, which is why they can’t always buy the right shoes for the time of year for new kids when they arrive.

An SEB Heategevusfond /Charity Fund/ campaign was held in June and July which raised money to provide children in shelters with new pairs of shoes – everything from trainers and boots to dress shoes and galoshes. The new footwear was delivered to the shelters earlier this month. Not all of the shoes were delivered in one go: some have been held back to be distributed as needed.

Many of the couriers arrived with their cargo to find the kids at the shelters already lined up to take a peek at what they were bringing them. Excitement surrounded the deliveries, mounting further when the kids discovered that there was something for everyone. As they tried on their new boots, they wrote their names on the shoeboxes to make sure they’d remember which pair was theirs when winter came around. Some were a little underwhelmed with the choice of colour, but grateful nevertheless to have received the shoes and not to have to go barefoot! After all, who wouldn’t be happy about a brand new pair of comfortable shoes fresh out of the shoebox?

Those who received new trainers got to put them (and themselves) to the test in mid-August when they took part in the Energia fun run in Narva. And as the Estonian saying goes, kõik-kõik on uus, septembrikuus: everything is new in September – now the shelter kids have brand new shoes as they head into the new school year!

Toomas is 15 years old and dreamt of life in a shelter, where he would no longer have to put up with his mum’s drinking and his step dad’s violence. He came to the shelter with little more than the clothes he was wearing (shorts and a T-shirt) and the shoes on his feet (a worn-out pair of flip-flops). Nothing will take away his painful memories, but now at least he is a little more cheerful: he has a pair of hiking boots to his name, and is ready to stride into autumn and whatever life has in store for him. And for the first time in his life he has a brand new pair of shoes to call his own.

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