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Auhinnaga „Lastega ja lastele“ täname ja tunnustame inimesi ja organisatsioone, kelle uued algatused või pikemaajaline tegevus on positiivselt mõjutanud laste ja perede käekäiku.
Tunnustusauhinna taotluste voor on avatud 15. aprillini.

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Small and big skiers conquered the skiing trails

In advance of the large skiing event, the Tartu Marathon, the Tähtvere Park in Tartu played host to the children’s skiing event on the mini-marathon trail. The skiing trail was used by more than 1600 participants, including children from children’s shelters, who had chosen a distance of 540 metres to 5 kilometres on the TILLUsõidu and MINImaraton trails respectively. There were children from Tallinn, Harju County, Tartu, Viljandi County, Narva, Sillamäe and Kiikla.

The children had been training intensely for many weeks. One part of the dry training involved matching the right skis, ski poles, and shoes with the children. The real training started on the snow, with the testing of skis and techniques.

For many children from children’s shelters, this winter was the first time that they could try their hands at skiing. On the trail even the smallest skiers, with the youngest of being 3 year old Ott, demonstrated their skills and stood out with their strong will. Five year old Mari energetically practiced warm-up exercises before hitting the trail and said with enthusiasm: “At the Otepää World Cup competition, the athletes were so strong that I am sure that they could even lift Pippi’s horse. I have also trained hard, and I am as strong as they are, and I will also show it to all the others at the competition!"

Thirteen year old Andrei, from Narva, also joined in the heat of competition. At last year’s mini-marathon he won brand new skis at a raffle. Going to the start-line, he was convinced that this time he would bring home the medal. And so he did.

Ten year old Peeter thought that the 5 km trail was a bit difficult after all. Nine year old Oksana, who stood beside him, said happily that it was very nice to ski. The girl said that this year was the first time that she had stood on skis, and added proudly: “I went straight to the 5 km trail!”
For 6 year old Olga, this was her first time skiing and she liked it a lot – the next day she walked confidently around the room while wearing her medal.

The older boys skied together with their younger siblings on the 500 m trail and initially believed that for the 5 km trail they would simply have to complete ten laps. They felt very abashed when they realised that the trail for the big boys is a lot more interesting than the trail for the small children. Nine year old Allan travelled 4 km instead of 2 km without even realising it. After finishing the long trail, Alik was also very surprised when he was told that he had won the Limpa prize – he was so tired, pleased and happy.

We all know that physical activity in fresh air is a prerequisite for a child’s all-round development, and in winter it is skiing that offers the pleasure and joy of sports. All the children thought that doing sports outside is good for their health and that sport is life. A wonderful winter’s day, good training and the strength of will paid off – the children were happy about their achievements and about a successful day.

For the children staying at children’s shelters, one hundred sets of skis (skis, ski poles, shoes and bindings) were procured with support from 7,000 donors. Thanks to the donors we could make the gift of another great winter day to the children who are staying at children’s shelters. I am sure that a snowy winter and today’s marathon experience brought skiing closer to many of the children and that many of them have found in skiing a hobby worth their commitment. Thanks to the donors, those children who generally do not have such a chance could also partake in the positive energy of the sports.

When the 4 year old Taavet visited the Otepää World Cup in January, the trail was full of big and strong men and he could only cheer and applaud from the sidelines, but now, returning for the mini-marathon, he said on the way home that this was HIS DAY. The best thing about it was that all the big and strong men were now on the sidelines supporting him and cheering him on.

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