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Santa Claus brought 150 personal gifts to children living in shelter

In December the SEB Charity Fund asked the bank’s employees, volunteers in the Club created in support of the fund and their friends, to fill Santa’s sack with presents for children with negligent parents and who had to spend Christmas Eve in the children’s shelter.

Everyone could go on the Christmas tree website that listed the names of 150 children (from 8 children’s shelters and homes nationwide) and their requests to Santa Claus. The gifts were collected at branches in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu and Narva and delivered to the children in time for Christmas. Just like other kids all over the country, those in the shelters found presents with their names on them waiting for them from Santa. Some of the children were a little hesitant when it came to opening their presents, although most struggled to contain their excitement and surprise that Santa had brought them what they’d asked for. Emotions ran high throughout the shelters and the children’s eyes shone as they unwrapped their gifts. This year, for the first time, their wishes had come true…

Here’s how some of the children reacted to receiving their presents:

Oleg (13) was so taken with his remote-controlled car that he didn’t let go of it until he went to bed. He didn’t have any batteries, so he couldn’t try it out straight away, but that didn’t lessen his excitement any.

Little Maria (4) was charmed by her beautiful new doll from the moment she set eyes on it and she refused to put it down for days and kept carrying it around with her.

Maksim (11) loved the toy truck Santa had brought him and began investigating all of the things he could use it to build.

Tatjana (14), who had arrived at the shelter just a couple of days before the holidays, happily asked the staff how Santa had known that she needed new gloves...

Riho (17) received Silvi Vrait’s album from the Eesti Kullafond series and shaking his legs to the music, he told everyone that this was the thing he had been dreaming about for a long time and now he had finally got it!

Jaanus (10) was lost for words when he opened the present he’d been given. The shelter worker standing next to him at the time said it was hard to capture the moment in words, as the boy’s face clearly expressed his surprise and excitement. He simply ambled about the room showing anyone and everyone the amazing MP3 player Santa had brought him.

Everyone could see that Kelly (5) was just as excited about the present she’d been given – she too skipped around the room showing it to all and sundry, constantly repeating the same word she’d recently learnt: “Cooooooool!”

Eduard (15) proudly showed off his skills with the football he’d been given and said: “Now all I need is a pair of football boots!”

Sergei (15) has gotten so into the Russian storybooks he was given that he’s been spending far less time online at his computer.

The surprise was great for Laura (6) who said: “I’ve never gotten a present from Santa before!”
Regina (13) was given a Barbie along with a full set of clothes for the doll. Her eyes welled up when she opened her present – she explained that she’d once asked her mum for a Barbie doll, but that her mum had never been able to afford to buy her one.

Misha (6) was so overcome with emotion that he couldn’t say a single word. He’d been super careful when opening his present, since he was worried about breaking it. It wasn’t until much later that night that he let the other kids look at the toy cars he’d been given.

Robert (12) said: “I can’t believe it! I’m gonna’ get my ear pierced! I never thought you’d let me! But hang on, doesn’t it hurt?” Whether or not it was going to hurt, Robert’s wish has come true – he’s since been and had his ear pierced!

Nastja (4) made a special room for her new doll under a table and played with it there all day.
Karina (6), whose eyes were as big as saucers, said: “A toy pram! That’s exactly what I wanted!” Ecstatic and astounded simultaneously, the girl described receiving the gift as though having asked for it ruled out her ever getting it. She is undoubtedly one of many children whose wishes have never come true – until now.

Roman (11) said he wanted to thank Santa for guessing what he really wanted for Christmas.
Riho (12) was very happy with the present he got. “Look what I got!” he shouted excitedly to everyone. His emotions had not cooled down by the next day when he went back home with his mother and he was unable to hide his joy from her. His mother thanked Santa from the bottom of her heart as their family had been unable to buy presents for the kids so far.

Kenneth (8), who was given a book and a Rubik’s cube, mused: “I don’t know which one’s more interesting now…”

Vadim (3) continued to carry his present around in its gift bag for almost the entire week after Christmas and only allowed a handful of carefully selected people to sneak a peek at what he’d been given.

Santa Claus said when handing out the presents: “Interesting – the smallest children get the biggest presents. And the tallest children have the shortest poems.”

Small arguments about the presents broke out between the children in some houses as the value of the presents was different. Seeing someone else get a present that was better, cooler and prettier caused some friction between the children. They were probably so excited about Christmas that it had made them unable to assess the situation adequately.

But we cannot see inside these children and we don’t know what they actually want, when people everywhere are talking about family holidays where everyone comes together and that this is the time when Christmas miracles happen... And at the same time, their hurt souls are screaming for loving homes and security...

A big thank you to all “Santas” who helped to create this little Christmas miracle by giving a bit of their time, attention, soul and heart to children whose parents are negligent. It means a lot.

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