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The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


On a running trail with hugs meant for mother…

Either big or little,
Hurry, the bus is waiting for us.
We will head towards Narva,
Because we love sports.

We will run with children,
and walk seven kilometres
like one team, no matter whether little or big.
We saw the border of Russia
and visited the castle of Narva
We listened to Anne Veski singing
And were happy for her.
(The rhymes of Harju County children that they sang on the bus to the running competition)

On 13 August, Narva hosted the first Energy Run, public sports event, where among the 2,000 sports enthusiasts were children from shelters, wearing their brand-new sneakers bought thanks to the Happy Feet campaign. All the participants were in a good mood, which was not lost on the children and so they took the example of others.

The children did not take part in the long half-marathon, but gave their best at a 7 km trail and fun runs for children, which were led by a costumed Tsar Peter I. The youngest ones got to wear a bib bearing the number 1– this was a privilege not granted to those who took a longer trail.
Hindrek and Diniito had a lesson during the run and announced at the finish that there is no point to run if your heels hurt and you will live longer, if you go in for sports! Meanwhile, on the 7-kilometre trail volunteer Krista carried her small friend Diana, 6. The girl hugged her so tightly that Krista could not breathe. She said that her initial thought was that it was very easy to make a little girl happy… and after that she wondered whether she got the hugs meant for the little girl’s mother who was never there.... Joy goes both ways – it touches volunteers as well as children.

The athletic part of the day was followed by an exciting cultural programme for everybody, starting with Anne Veski’s concert on the Peetri Square and culminating in the evening with a performance in the castle courtyard staged within the programme of the Narva History Festival called “The Battle of Narva”. .Seven-year-old Olga was surprised by the size of Narva Castle and asked whether it was really possible that on this side of the river is Estonia and on the other side is Russia, nothing more than a river between the two worlds.

Volunteer Ringa had her 7-year-old son Robin with her when she went running with the children from shelters. When they reached home in the evening, Robin told his mother that this time he had found several friends. He sat next to one of them, Kennet, on the way back to Tallinn, holding the hand of his new friend very tight.

Before heading back home, the staff of the shelters had a chance to visit the Narva Children Shelter and to see what their colleagues do for the benefit of children. The Narva Children Shelter and its hardworking employees impressed everyone!

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