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The performance Pettson and Findus made all of us laugh and think about friendship


On January 21, theatre enthusiasts from various Estonian substitute homes enjoyed a playful performance Pettson and Findus at the Theatre House in Tartu. This piece was a great joy for the youngest children, and even the older ones cheered for the friendship between an artful kitten and the jolly old man, already familiar from the animated movie.

Most of the families were in the Theatre House for the first time. Before the performance, the families also visited the exhibition of the theatre's toys and dolls in the basement. The children excitedly tried out all possibilities of making hand puppets and shadow play. They learned about marionettes and looked at fascinating archaeological finds.

The performance was full of such a commotion across the stage that the young audience had a good laugh. The children learned that one does not have to alone and that it is always good to have someone. Sometimes, being together can be difficult, but misunderstandings need to be resolved; being together is always better than being alone. Afterwards, it was nice to analyse why the cat had so many mishaps.

The children could ask the actors for autographs and take a picture together. After the performance, some families went sightseeing in Tartu, visiting the Tartu Toy Museum and its playroom.

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