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The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Over 7,000 Estonians Trained Themselves Rescuers

With the arrival of midsummer and hot weather, which is also the highpoint of the swimming season, it is the perfect time to go over people’s knowledge of water safety and talk about what parents should keep in mind when they are near the water with their children.

Adults are responsible for prevention, so that our children could assess the risk of accidents and respond adequately to such situations. An adult must also know what to do in an emergency situation where a child has overestimated his or her swimming skills or how to help a friend without becoming someone who needs help

In June and July, a charity campaign was organised for the 15th time, this time bearing the title “Give Children from Substitute Homes and Shelters the Gift of a Fun Summer!” In order to reduce deaths by drowning, this summer we carried out a charity campaign. The money that we collected will be used to train the children and personnel at substitute homes and shelters, so they would know how to avoid dangers and how to provide help when needed. A total of 7,162 of Estonia’s residents with big hearts made their contributions to help carry out the water safety projects, with a total of EUR 45,745 being raised in two months.

The water safety project for substitute homes and shelters consists of four stages. In May and June, practical water safety courses for substitute homes’ employees, and adults who accompany/support children, took place in order to raise their awareness, help prevent and avoid emergencies, and assess their own rescue skills properly. Trainings were carried out in Tallinn, Tartu, Vinni, Pärnu and Narva-Jõesuu. In addition, we acquired rescue equipment for the institutions (first aid kits, heaving lines, and lifebuoys).

In July, a water safety day for children took place at the Tallinn Zoo’s Rebasemäe picnic area. This event marked the end of the charity campaign and the beginning of the children's water safety awareness promotion, in order to arouse their interest in activities planned for fall and winter.

The official registration for swimming courses begins at the end of August, so that children of different ages could go through the basic training course or enhance their swimming skills. By today, 150 children from substitute homes have announced their interest in participating in swimming trainings. For the winter period, we have planned a practical water safety training for children, to learn together about the dangers hiding in winter waters, and to remind them of how to act in an emergency.

Thanks to all the supporters!
Triin Lumi

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