Tunnustusauhind „Lastega ja lastele“

Aita tunnustada lapsi, noori ja täiskasvanuid, organisatsioone ning ühendusi, kes oma algatuste või pikaajalise tegevusega on oluliselt panustanud laste ja noorte heaolusse!

Taotlus kandidaadi esitamiseks

Archive of joint events 2010

Presents for 182 shelter children under the Christmas tree


In December the SEB Charity Fund launched the ‘Christmas Tree’ project to collect gifts for children living in shelters for the second year running. Santa visited all of the shelters at slightly different times, but he always arrived in a large wooden sleigh that was loaded with presents. For many children it was the first time they received a present with their name on it. They were even more surprised to find out that Santa knew exactly what they had wished for.

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Gingerbread Race


It has become a nice tradition that each December the SEB Charity Fund organises an event called the Gingerbread Race, which pays a visit to our partner shelters all over Estonia. Equipped with gingerbread dough, cutters and lots of enthusiasm, we visit all of the centres and bake gingerbread with the children.

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Visit to Rakvere Christmas Village


Waiting for Christmas is always exciting. This year children living in shelters were taken to the Rakvere Christmas Village on board a genuine Christmas train, which certainly added to the holiday feeling.

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