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Meelis Kompus on good deeds

The SEB Heategevusfond’s questions on good deeds were answered by Meelis Kompus.

What does GOOD DEED mean to you?
It is almost the same as a good deed. Doesn’t this involve, first and foremost, a pure heart? It certainly is not a favour or a swap.

Are charitable actions valued and popular in Estonia?
Often the benefactors do not speak of their actions at all. And as a rule we thank those who do good deeds face-to-face and not publicy. I believe, all in all, that we do more good than we do harm. It couldn’t really be otherwise.

Why do we need charity? Perhaps everything should be administratively organised?
It sounds trite, but what is the state? Show me where it is. On what grounds do we render an invoice?

What is your personal contact with charity?
This is rather personal. I have found potential people who need help through some personal experience, which surely does not mean that I constantly work with helping others. Help does not always need to be financial. For example, those things that I do not need anymore have found their way to people who need help and continue to give use and pleasure to these people.

Which is better, to give and take or to share and receive?
An old Estonian folk story tells about a prosperous lady of the farm who always had plenty of visitors. She had food for herself and for a stranger. But when the lady cast a spell to repel the numerous visitors, in the course of time her pantries and granaries became quite empty. That’s just it, the more you share, the more you receive in return. I personally have been given and have received most of all good advice.

Do people do good deeds more during times of hardship?
I doubt that. After reading many memoirs, for example of the post-war years in Estonia, it seems sometimes that people often completely lost compassion and humanity towards each other. Later the difficult times became an excuse for their actions or inactivity.

How can a small good deed become a great deed?
For a thirsty person, even the smallest sip of water is a big thing, is it not?

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