Jõulusoovide puu

The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Lots of thanks to you, kind donor!

“Dear Santa, I have a wish – I wish for lots and lots of snow in winter...”
This is the beginning of a verse by Karoliina; however, the wish in it did not come true this Christmas, as the Old Weather Man had other plans. Each of the thousand Christmas wishes hung on the Christmas Wish Tree, however, found their way to the Estonian children’s shelters and substitute homes in the form of presents for the holidays.

Thank you for making children’s Christmas wishes come true and filling their Christmas with joy!

A new year is beginning

A new year begins, filled with the dreams of thousands of children in substitute care. Children have different needs. There are those who need a professional therapist to work out their issues. Study scholarships help young people who are just starting their lives to set future goals. There are ones, whose talents have not been developed yet, and so on.

This is where you can help – we invite you to support children’s activities and explorations year-round. When becoming a permanent donor, you support the age-appropriate development of children with the sum of your choice. You can make a difference even with a permanent donation of a few euros. Become a permanent donor

Together, with anticipation, having learned songs and verses

Christmas celebrations are over for now, and presents have been retrieved from Santa’s bag by reciting verses, songs and dances. Fragments from the children’s joy and festive spirit are brought to you by the impressions and feedback letters of the families.

All families were busy with preparations for the Christmas parties, feeling the happiness of joint activities which helped to ease the anticipation. As it is one of the most important festivities of the year the children were very excited right from the morning and happy to give a helping hand with the chores to make sure that everything is ready by the time Santa arrives. First the big family went to the church, a concert or the nature together and then the table was set and the wait for Santa could begin.

Teacher Lea from Tartu wrote: “Children were full of anticipation. Every once in a while they would flock to the window or the door to see if Santa was coming already. But he would not come so fast after all... The children got to sing several songs together before the most exciting part of the day arrived with Santa and the presents! Agreements had been made with the children, that this year Santa does not want to see a single child who uses any aids (a paper or their phone) for getting their package. And what a surprise! Our children were so talented – there were charming songs, poems, one-time projects with bands and duets. Santa’s knowledge on both the military and puzzles was tested. Santa heard the Estonian, English, Spanish and Italian languages. Children found it amusing when Santa told them how he had arrived with reindeer and a sledge. The mystery of his arrival, however, found its solution when some know-it-all discovered a strange car standing in front of the house.

Teacher Tiina from Tallinn wrote: “There was a lot of anxiety in the air when the children received their presents, the little ones’ hands were shaking and presents dropped from the wrapping before the children could resume their seats. A last-minute wish by one boy was fulfilled completely and I just heard a mumble, that “it does not matter what the teacher said about Santa not always being able to fulfil every child’s wish and about phones being expensive. Now that was a good Santa!” Smaller students also brought their gifts to school and probably told about their dreams being fulfilled to the employees there, as there was a lady from school who called the safe house to thank us for making a child so happy. One boy declared that “everything was so great about today” and stuck his car under his pillow for the night...”

“This is exactly what I wanted!”

There were families where Santa arrived with a whole performance in addition to the presents. The children got to sing and dance and everyone was having great fun... The children really enjoyed the performance, but the festive spirit still peaked with giving out the presents. Little Anton could hardly wait the big moment. He pulled Santa’s coat who apologised that he had already forgotten why he came to see the children in the first place...

The room was filled with excitement. Little Viktoria was not sure whether her letter had reached Santa at all and if Santa remembered what she had wished for. Santa pulled his huge sack to the tree and called the children to come to him by their names. Some had forgotten their verses in excitement, but Santa was very kind, helped the children out where they needed it, and the present was theirs. Vitalik, aged 5, could not believe that his wish was actually fulfilled. “But it is just my dream!” he said surprised.

Kätlin got for Christmas a table lamp she had dreamed of for a long time. When the party was over and the songs had been sung, Kätlin hid in the quiet of her room, where she flicked through her fascinating books in the light of the new lamp. At bedtime Kätlin would not think of putting out the light, but stroke the lamp gently and wished it a good night.

Andra was very happy to see a colourful small bird. “How did Santa know to bring me such a nice bird? Look how small it is, fitting in the palm of my hand, where I can take it everywhere I go. Look, it is talking to me, look, it is also singing...,” the girl chattered.

Aleksandra’s eyes lit up and a smile appeared on her face: “There are such beautiful beads in this box and all the other things as well! Please, teacher, can you show me tomorrow what I can do with everything here?” Maksim, three and a half years of age, revealed a car so big from the wrapping paper that his teacher had to help him pick it up. A wide smile appeared to the boy’s face and he would shout and bounce around the car. Everyone else there was also happy to clap along with Maksim.

Dmitri said happily: “I am very surprised to receive such an awesome fishing kit. Now I just have to wait for the time I can try it out!” Janek shared his joy: “Dima, we have the same spinners, like the ones real fishermen use! Thank you, Santa!” Janek bowed deeply before Santa. “Dima, when are we going fishing?” he asked and the boys started to make plans for the future eagerly.

Teacher helped Ander with his package, revealing a drawing mat. Ander: “I’m bringing coloured pencils, too, and we can get drawing. Let’s draw this car,” he said, pointing at Maksim’s car. Andre, who is collecting basketball shirts, was very happy about another shirt, as basketball is one of his favourite activities.

Tatjana thanked Santa for the paints she had desired: “I need to ask the teacher for help, to learn to use them properly, she noted. Mihhail gasped when opening the package: “A remote control car, so that I can play with cars with my brother Maksim! I wrote to Santa Claus that I wanted a remote control car and he brought me one!” Jekaterina was grateful to Santa for the picture frames she received: “I will fill them with pictures that I love. Thank you!”

The joy Juulia felt was boundless – with pride she showed her new Barbie to everyone, not putting the doll down from her hands for several hours. The girl also announced that she had named the doll Barbie. Because she just felt like it. She likes the doll mainly for its long hair and the curling iron that came with it.

Tõnu felt overwhelming joy over the remote-control car he received. At the party he would go from one person to another, showing his present to everyone. The boy also showed his gift to Santa several times. By the evening the car had probably gained some significant mileage, as it just kept going. There were no places in the house where it did not reach. It even managed to catch a stream of water, but this minor accident did not stop it on its course.

Joy for both the younger and older ones

Alicia, 9 months old, would stare at her toy crocodile with a suspicious look in her eyes for a long time. But when she discovered that the crocodile starts rocking gleefully on its stomach when patted on its nose or tail, it grabbed the attention of the little girl for a long period.

Kaisa, 2 years of age, carted everything she could fit in there around in her new doll stroller. From one room to another, until she had circled the whole house seven times. Koit also tried to travel through the rooms – with his new computer chair, that was exactly like he had expected and hoped.

Two-year-old Denis was happy about his police car. But when he discovered the special effects the car was fitted with – sound and flashing lights – he was exalted. Now he is inseparable with his police car. Maxim, three, was at first envious of the police car Denis had, but later he saw that racing with an ambulance car is just as fun. Maxim, four, however, did not let himself to be distracted by the cars and flashing lights of the other boys and was happy to work on his pyramid puzzle. All through the night he would find different ways to assemble the bowls of the pyramid – he built towers, aligned them by size, made balls and rolled them around.

The present Katja, four, got was the largest in their family, which left a great impression on the little girl. It revealed a basket with lots and lots of toy tableware, which made Katja very happy. She played with the set all night, along with the dancing and other activities, offering pretend cake and other treats to everyone else. When going to sleep, the girl laid the basket of dishes beside her bed to wait for the morning.

Mark, who is five, wants to be the first in everything. The boy was so happy when he saw his package, as it was bigger than any of the other ones. The package revealed a large rubbish truck, which brought even more joy to the boy. Throughout the night he tried to “recycle” the toys of other children and while many other boys would have liked to give it a try, Mark would not hand it over. The youngest in one of the families could not believe that so many gifts were brought at once and asked Santa if he was coming the next year also...

Gert from the Youth Home was very happy with his gift card. He said that he had not decided yet which book he was going to buy for the money, as he was currently busy with graduating from school and he would postpone it to February, when it can also serve as a graduation gift. Karina, 14, initially thought that she had received a large chocolate bar as a gift, but when she also found a gift card to a sporting store added to the chocolate bar, she was just screaming with the joy of being able to pick out the trainers she likes for dance classes.

It was great to see how the young people, having already quite grown up, were transformed to little children for a moment – such sincerity and excitement gleaming from their eyes is not what you might see every day. The oldest boy in one family retrieved his package with a frontflip and a hug to Santa. Another boy promised that when he becomes an adult and finds a job, he will also immediately start donating to bring happiness to the children with gifts.

There is no need for words when there are emotions!

With the non-verbal children with special needs, it was charming to see their emotions at the sight of Santa in his red coat, when receiving presents and opening them. Danil got the biggest package. It was so big that Santa and Pippi Longstocking had to hand it over together. The package revealed a rocking horse, which brought a smile to the boy’s face and a sparkle in his eye. Danil has always really loved swinging. Kersti also looked very happy with her soft bath towel. She always expresses joy by laughing. Kersti’s package was wrapped so nicely that she held on to it for a long time before opening the present with her caretaker.

Keiu is a girl in a wheelchair who got a beautiful book with large pictures with animals. The teacher read it to her and showed the pictures, to which the girl reacted with shouts of joy, expressing her emotions. Ene was quick to tear off the packaging from her new DVD “Yellowbird”, signing that she wanted to watch the cartoon immediately. She watched the new film several times.

Klen was happy to fall asleep in the calming glow of his salt lamp, sleeping peacefully until the late morning. Martin, who spends a big part of his day in a wheelchair, observed the flickering light of his lava lamp, playing with his little hands in its glow.

An owl with an owlet that the blind boy received sparked many emotions in him. He asked how owls looked, inquired about where they lived in the nature and what they ate. One question lead to another and he was eager for new knowledge.

Margus and Sander received their very own radio that they really needed, as music plays a very important role in their life. Musical therapy is very beneficial and calming for children with special needs. Margus was actually shouting with excitement when he unwrapped the present and saw the radio. While you cannot ask many of the children with special needs what they think, you can see their joy and satisfaction from how they behave.

Loads of fun, exploring and enjoyment

Maria walked to Santa bravely and danced in her gorgeous white dress. Having quickly opened the present, her surprise was great. In addition to a doll there were a lot of other things as well. Maria took the baby doll in her hands lovingly and started to rock it. Then she fed it from the bottle. She was engaged with it the whole night and also the next days.

Katariina sang a song in English to Santa and received a large package in return. Before opening it the girl felt the package. Her eyes lit up, as her dream had come true – she found an easel from the package. Now she can put the skills learned it art class on canvas. The package Jegors got was just so large! The boy was overjoyed. The car was big and with an open-box, and so the race began. His little friend sat in the box and Jegors started carting him around. While the passengers changed places, Jegors was always the one driving.

Nikita, aged 12, was unusually quiet and looked at his present with what seemed like disbelief. A bit later he carefully unwrapped it and observed it from every angle, reading the important specifications of his new battery pack on the box. It was only then when he finally had the courage to take the battery pack out of its box and attach it to his phone. It looked like he was actually shocked that he had got the present he had desired so badly.

Maksim, nine, was much more impatient and was quick to unwrap his package – overjoyed with his very own multifunctional watch he clapped his hands and asked his teacher for help to put it on quickly. Then, he was able to share the excitement of other children who had got their presents, still stopping from time to time to look at his watch and try the functions of the different buttons. Other children who got watches were also engaged with configuring theirs. When the hours and days had been set, it was all good. One of the boys who got a watch would proudly tell the time every once in a while. There is no way to miss dinnertime or bedtime now!

The boys also liked their flashlights. They were roaming about in the darkness and light, getting to know their new gadgets. MP3-players were filled with songs instantly and songs were shared with others.

One eight-year-old boy was the last to receive his package. He performed the song “O Christmas Tree” to Santa. The boy found a Spiderman jacket from the package. He stared at himself in the mirror for a long time and declared that he will not take it off at night. Egon went to try out his new tent on the lawn outside immediately and was gleaming to announce upon return that all five of them could lie down there together – and it was so cool! The teacher, however, nipped the idea of spending the night outside in the tent in the bud.

Alice had dreamed of a toy kitchen set. The girl was amazed to see a large package waiting for her. She was excited and happy to open her package. Finally, when it was time to assemble the kitchen set, is was an experience in itself – complicated, but engaging. The toy kitchen was much more impressive than she had been expecting. The very same night, Alice opened a café in her new kitchen.

An electrical toothbrush was also a very popular present. Teeth were brushed several times with it and one of the boys said that even half an hour later, his teeth were still tingling.

Danil had wished for fast roller skates for Christmas. The boy was overjoyed when he unwrapped the present to find blue roller skates peeking from it. He hastily pulled on one of the skates and rushed to see the opening of all the other presents. As Kirill loves to play football, he asked for goalkeeper’s gloves and shin pads to protect his legs in the heat of the game. How great it is now to attend football cam with his own football kit!

Jaak went to test his plane outside that very night and almost lost it. It was all better the next day when he could see, where and how the plane was flying. Brothers Raigo, Sander and Ain were also very satisfied with their presents. Sander is completely always occupied with the racetrack. The doggy has a cosy bed made of a box, where it watches over Ain as he sleeps at night. In the daytime the little doggy is at the dining table with Ain and his own feeding bottle.

Heili likes all the “Frozen” films and received a domino game as a present. When unwrapping the present, the girl whispered with a quiet smile: “This is exactly what I wanted!” Helen got a radio and a record by Karl Erik Taukar. There are not enough words to express her joy! The whole night the girl listened to her favourite singer and sang along, naturally bringing both the radio and the record to spend the holidays at grandma’s. As Helen is very careful with her possessions, she will enjoy this present for years and years to come.

Joyful New Year’s celebrations and warmth of heart for the next year!


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