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Lady Gaga has magic healing powers

On the last Saturday of August, the world-famous pop star Lady Gaga gave a concert at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. In cooperation between the organiser of the concert, BDG, and the foundation, 150 young people from Estonian foster homes and care homes were able to enjoy this magical show from right in front of the stage.

Usually, children from foster homes do not go out that late and so far from home, so this trip was a new and exciting experience for them. New experiences are important in shaping the value judgments of children as well: a teenager who has experienced wickedness and negligence in their early childhood can understand through activities like this that there are many upsides to life as well, there are different places and people in the world as well as opportunities for empowerment.

When the youngsters and children were asked to share their experience of the concert, their eyes really did light up and their thoughts were quicker than their words. The children who had come from Kuressaare first wanted to back out of the concert visit, complaining about headaches, stomach aches and other light health problems, which indicated that they had been infected with a virus. When examining the tickets and understanding they can enjoy the concert right in front of the stage in the fan area, the children started to perk up and with the first song of the concert, the symptoms of any illnesses were wiped away. 15-year-old Marju was convinced: “Lady Gaga has healing powers—she cured me, I have no reason to complain about headaches or tiredness anymore!”

The girls from foster homes in Harju County were bursting with pride: “And we especially liked that Lady Gaga really cares about her Estonian fans—it was great to see her put on the T-shirt she received as a present and it was lovely when she took an Estonian girl onstage with her! We saw the star from two-three metres away and actually, our classmates are jealous of us now because they, too, would have wanted to see the concert!”

Aive Makko, the manager of the youth home in Tallinn, said: “Our youngsters are convinced there is nothing else like that to ever experience again and say that Gaga was just amazing, a star with a capital S! This was an event that all the youngsters were eagerly looking forward to and were ready for early on. Our beautiful young ladies who sometimes are late or forget something were 10 minutes early at the meeting point while under the influence of Lady Gaga—this speaks for itself!”

Maiken from Tallinn shared her positive emotions: “I left my worries far, far behind that day!” Vladislav Latyshev, a teacher at the Tartu care home, said: “Our children did not feel rejected that day and you could see and hear confidence in their voices and behaviour, which they often lack. Maybe this will help them break free from their so-called closed circle later in life.”
The concert was also attended by youngsters with special needs, of whom one 13-year-old drew a beautiful horse for Lady Gaga and said it was to thank her for the concert.

On the way back home, youngsters were heard speaking that now that they’ve seen her, September can come and school may start!

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