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How quickly does a Christmas tree burn to the ground?

Should window be opened when flames flare up in a room? Should people climb as high as possible or crawl on the floor in a room filled with smoke? These are the questions related to fire that you should know the answer to before a fire accident actually happens.

During the first months of this year, specialists from the Rescue Board will share their knowledge and skills on fire safety in all 43 substitute homes in Estonia. The project was initiated by SEB Heategevusfond and it will be carried out in co-operation of the Rescue Board and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The children, who live in substitute homes, mainly do not have parental care and come from families where parents do not set a positive example. Even the most modern security solutions are only a half of the road to ensure fire safety and therefore it is important to raise awareness of the children to avoid occurrence of dangerous situations.

In January and February, rescue specialists will explain to almost 1200 children and employees of shelters and substitute homes, how a fire gets started and develops and what to do when a fire has already flared up. They will practice calling on the emergency number 112 and learn about the basic fire extinguishing equipment. They will also look over together exit locations and the evacuation route from the building. The rescuers will teach the children and the adults the meaning of fire safety signs and will make clear the locations of fire extinguishers in the substitute homes and shelters.

After the training people will know how to assess the dangerous situation that arises due to flames, heat and smoke. In addition, all participants will acquire the skill to help a person in danger so that their own safety is ensured. Books, training videos and cartoons on fire safety and colouring and assignment books are the material that reminds later what was learned.

In addition to the training, the fund will support six substitute homes with 40 000 euros in total to eliminate the precepts to fulfil fire safety requirements.

Viljandi Assistance and Social Centre for Children and non-profit organisation Vahtramäe Mäekodu in Tartu will have necessary firebreak doors for their houses, the problem in Tilsi Orphanage with evacuation exits will also be solved and a new security lighting system will be established in Kohtla-Järve Orphanage. The Rescue Board has made precepts also to Kiikla Orphanage and the Orphanage of Elva, deficiencies in which on fire safety will be eliminated during the project.

Together with the Rescue Board, SEB Heategevusfond performs in the substitute homes that, which should be done in every home in Estonia – review necessary equipment and refresh the knowledge to prevent tragic accidents.

And a Christmas tree burns to the ground in less than a minute.

Kati Käpp

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