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A Hat for a Christmas Present, Previously Seen in a Dream

In December, and for the second year in row, the SEB Charity Fund initiated the ‘Christmas Tree’ project to collect gifts for children living in shelters. Children’s wish lists for Santa were available at Thank you! All 182 children got exactly what they wanted.

Santa arrived at each shelter at a slightly different time, but always on a large wooden sleigh full of presents.

For many children it was the first time they received a present with their name on it. They were even more surprised to find out that Santa knew exactly what they had wished for. There seemed no end to the hustle and bustle of the children, who wanted to see what others had gotten as their presents.
How did the children feel about all this?

3-year-old Marta told one carer that they had gotten the presents because they were so good. It was nice to hear that, because often children think that they were abandoned by their parents because they did not behave properly. On Christmas Day everyone agreed that they had been good kids the whole year, and Marta played with her toy dinner set every day.

Maksim (3) wished for a toy pram, because he was tired of hauling his doll around. Now Maksim’s eyes were shining and he showed his doll to everyone with as much care as if it were his real little sister or baby in the pram.

Gerda (16) was so happy for the countless make-up items she received. But she liked the earrings most: she put the pair of them on straight away and received lots of compliments.

Ketlyn (14) was pleased with a large chocolate bar and the jewellery she received, which she wore straight away – she had never had any jewellery in her life.

Valeria, Heili and Mari-Liis, all five years old, received exactly what they had wished for – Barbies. Now each has her own doll and they can play together without having to fight over who plays with which doll first! They share the dolls’ clothes with one another, too.

Hanna Liisa (4) got a fantastic toy piano. She did not let it out of her sight for a second and took huge pleasure in its sounds for the entire evening.

Reelika (15) definitely liked her red fleece bath robe. She has many relatives who all sent gifts to her, but she said that this red, soft, very comfy robe was the best of all presents.

Kirill (2) received a huge car and now drives around the shelter all the day long. He seems so pleased with it.

Ralf (8) got an electric car and has races with Kirill.

Kenneth (8) wanted a Lego set and plays with it during the long holiday evenings, chatting away with his carers.

Janek (16) got a mobile phone. He is not one to express his emotions, but we did hear him utter an approving “Mmm”, which in his language means the present was more than OK!

Meelis (8) received a big book on popular science and lots of toy dinosaurs. He was very happy with them.

Hendrik (22) was very grateful for the car things he got and said that they were the perfect presents for him.

Vitali (14) also received an electric car. He has a habit of slipping away from the shelter for several days, taking a few things with him in his backpack. This time he left the shelter on Christmas Day, but took his beloved electric car with him.

Risto (17) and Riho (18) performed a short show to get their presents, singing a song by Anne Veski and dancing to the tune, which they had been practising for several nights, and their costumes were very fitting! Riho was very pleased with a book on Sting’s life, which will keep him busy for several weeks. Risto got a hat which he had seen in one of his dreams!

It was impossible not to notice the present little Andra (2) received – it must have been the largest box in the whole world. A rocking horse was in it, and it became a big hit among the little ones, who quickly queued up for the attraction.

Aleksandra (4) got a toy pram. This was her big dream. She opened the present squealing and jumping with happiness – after all, she now has her very own pram.

Ksenja (15) was extremely pleased with her perfume. The scent filled the shelter, and even the boys were happy to try it on!

Katrin (20) got a set of kitchen utensils, exactly what she needed. It was written on her card that her gift was from Santa Linda. The entire evening was spent looking for this Linda to say thank you. She was so grateful for the gift.

Ruslan (13) stated resolutely that Santa does not exist. During the day he saw a postman bringing some gifts to the shelter. When on Christmas Eve he received his gift – an electric car he had been wishing for with a sceptical attitude – he remarked, with an enthusiastic and experienced note in his voice: “It seems that these Santa’s helpers do exist after all!” He though that the postman was one of them.

Rimant (13): “Cooooool!” He and the carer opening the present with him both had tears in their eyes: a mobile phone had been his dream of dreams for Christmas.

For Christmas Eve, Nadja (9) and Ljuba (2) had moved from a shelter to a children’s home. When the girls found presents with their names under the Christmas tree, they were puzzled: how did Santa know they were in another place? They concluded that Santa must be very clever indeed.

Daniil (9) was very excited about his new MP3 player, which, he said, was the best Christmas present he had ever received.

Brothers Gennadi (5) and Dmitri (6) were pleased with their toy cars. Both boys are extremely restless, but their presents kept them busy for the entire evening.

Nathan Andreas (8) was almost quivering with excitement when he received his electric Hummer. He comes from a very poor family and could only dream of such a present, so this dream coming true was one of the most memorable moments of the year for him.

Bret (13), like any other defiant teenager, tried to hide her feelings when opening her present, which contained a make-up gift set, but she did not do very well: she was evidently happy!

Ingrid (14) put on the pair of earrings she received straight away!

Aivar Andre’s (4) large rug with roads and traffic signs became an instant hit among the boys, who played on it with small and big cars all evening. And the rug is huge!

Viivian (16): “I wanted a hair straightener and guess what: I got one! When I saw under the Christmas tree that there was a present of exactly the right shape, I knew it was mine! And guess what: it was!”

Siim (17) received a 500-kroon gift card and promised to buy a pair of winter boots – not spend it on unimportant things.

Annaliise (8) received a toy dinner set. Now she cooks all the time with her sister and they play at running a cafe, inviting guests from here, there and everywhere.

Anuliine (6): “I got a very beautiful doll. I stroke her hair all the time, because she’s so sweet. I take her with me to bed when I go to sleep.”

“This is too heavy for me!” Jan-Markkus (3) exclaimed when he received his present, so he asked Santa for help. He proudly showed his new truck and what he could do with it to a carer. “And now I’m a doctor! I am treating by teddy bear,” he said, proud of his present.

Anette (2) got a jumping ball (with handles) and refused to part with it. Although she is too small to use it for jumping, she chases it all over the shelter.

Like in previous years, the wishes of children living in shelters did not remain just wishes.
Thank you so much on behalf of the SEB Charity Fund, the children and Santa for these presents you made for Santa’s helpers. They meant so much to the children! Happy new year!

Triin Lumi, Santa’s helper on logistics issues regarding presents

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