Tunnustusauhind „Lastega ja lastele“

Aita tunnustada lapsi, noori ja täiskasvanuid, organisatsioone ning ühendusi, kes oma algatuste või pikaajalise tegevusega on oluliselt panustanud laste ja noorte heaolusse!

Taotlus kandidaadi esitamiseks

Haiba Children’s Home

The Haiba Children’s Home is a substitute home for orphans and children without parental care. The institution, which is located in Harju County, operates on a family system and accommodates up to 45 children.
Each “family” has five caretakers so that all residents of the children’s home are provided with round-the-clock supervision and adult care. The Haiba Children's Home accepts children as young as newborns, and residents can stay at the institution until they reach the age of 18. The Children’s Home provides care for three families of twelve members and one family of nine members. The first three families live in a seven-room and two-floor apartment and the fourth family in a small four-room apartment. Also, the Children’s Home has another four-room apartment with a separate entrance that can accommodate up to nine children. This welfare institution provides assistance and protection to children who for various reasons have had an emergency need to leave their home and/or parents. As an exception, the Children’s Home provides assistance and protection for parents too.
In November 2008, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Haiba Children’s Home and SEB Heategevusfond. Read more at www.haibalastekodu.ee.

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