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The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


End of summer trip to Helsinki Zoo


The end of summer trip to Helsinki organised by the SEB Charity Fund and the Tallink Group took place for the third year running. An event for the clients of Tallink and SEB was organised in spring to celebrate the arrival of the new ship, the Baltic Queen. As always, the event was also a fund-raiser for charity and we used the money to take the children on a journey to Helsinki. Tallink supported the trip with free ferry tickets and we used the donated money to cover other costs of the trip (bus rental, museum tickets, meals, etc.).

We visited the Heureka Science Centre in the first year of our cooperation with Tallink, went to the Sea Life museum last year and this year paid a visit to the animals in the zoo in Korkeasaari, Helsinki.

The ferry trip alone was a big event for the children. For many of the children the excursion was their first trip abroad, and also the first time they got a passport or ID card.

Little Nastya and Edik were very scared at first, because it was the first time they were on a ferry, but once they conquered their fear they excitedly investigated all the floors of the boat. They were even brave enough to go on the deck where they could watch the ferry’s wake and the passing boats. We headed straight for the zoo when we got to Helsinki. We had a meal to make sure nobody went hungry and then had lots of time to see the island and its residents. The children loved the peacocks walking down the paths in the zoo. The also remembered the red panda, tigers, green snake, the lion family and reindeer.

As we were driving around Helsinki with the children, they thought the capital of Finland was much more interesting than Tallinn or Pärnu, but in the zoo they claimed that the Tallinn Zoo is better – after all, it has elephants and everything is much bigger, and even the monkeys are more fun…
The trip had a therapeutic effect on the children, as they spent their time in the company of committed adults who listened to the children and explained ‘the ways of the world’. Many boys and girls who are usually quiet and withdrawn started asking questions, chattering and smiling by the end of the day. The change of environment opened new sides in those often considered ‘potentially problem children’. We never have any bad children at our events and we do not need to be strict with them. Every child has the right to feel joy!

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