Jõulusoovide puu

The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Christmas wish tree: What is the right gift for a teenager?

Finding a present for an adolescent child can be a real headache. The easiest solution to this problem is to ask the child what would make them the happiest, while at the same time being able to recognise the motivation behind their wishes. The desired fragrance might be about more than simply showing off, also serving as an important part of a young person’s self-confidence.

Fifteen-year-old Riho knows that wit, diligence, and initiative are what make a man a man. Riho suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, which means that sometimes daily life can be a bit more complicated for him: it is hard for him to communicate with other people. However, Riho believes that a good fragrance would increase his self-confidence and improve his self-esteem. Therefore, he hopes that Santa will bring him a nice light fragrance suitable for a young man. Even more so, as Riho has reached an age where the opposite sex is becoming more and more interesting. 

Riho is very clever and has hands of gold. His special interest is technology – when he visits his support family, Riho spends most of his time in the garage fixing cars. Under his hands machines start to move; no doubt about it. Riho’s knowledge of motors is vast and extensive, which makes it hard to keep up when listening to him. Riho has already made some pocket money with his interest in technology – during the summer, he works in a car repair shop. 

Cannot be without music

For many young people, music plays a central role. What to listen and what to use for listening are both very important. Therefore, all kinds of devices for listening to music are a welcome gift in every way. Sixteen-year-old Janek, who lives in Järva County, really hopes that Santa will bring him some cool speakers, which he could use to listen to music from the computer and play his favourite tunes to others. 

Janek brings his favourite tunes with him to the boarding school facilities where he lives during the week as well as on competition trips. Janek is a good and diverse athlete. He is so good that he will be participating next year in the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria. Janek is a member of the indoor hockey team. In addition, he is great at running and football. The young man also likes to break dance.

Looking good is very important

14-year-old Natali is a beautiful young lady who really likes to style her hair. One day, she likes to have straight hair; the next day, she prefers curls. This is why she is asking Santa for a hair straightener, which also heats up fast because the busy young lady does not have much time to spend on her hair. She has so much to do because in the substitute home she assists the teacher and looks after the younger children with great pleasure. 

Teenagers are at the right age to start managing their money matters and decide responsibly on their own. A gift card would give this opportunity. Thus, 16-year-old Aleksander would like to receive a gift card for a shopping centre – the young man would like to select something cool to wear from a shop. Even more so as Aleksander lives in his school’s dormitory for the majority of the time, where independent management skills are very important. 

Every Christmas wish is special

Every Christmas wish has a different story behind it. The best gift we can give a child is if we appreciate his/her wishes and understand the actual needs behind these wishes. A Christmas gift that brings joy and helps in developing one’s self is the best – be it a surprise that sparks the drive for discovery, challenges one’s knowledge, or teaches a new skill. In their letters, the children have given thought as to why this particular wish is so important to them. Be it either headphones that allow them to be on one’s own from time to time; a kick scooter, which makes the trip from school to training faster; or an alarm clock, which helps the resident of boarding school facilities to make it to the bus on time – each wish has its own reason and explanation. 

Does a teenager need support only during the Christmas season?

This year, we invite Christmas Wish Tree donors to think about children’s dreams from another angle as well. A Christmas present occupies a certain place, providing a child with the singular experience of being noticed. At the same time, we also challenge good-willed Estonians to make a monthly contribution of EUR 1 per child or youth. Doing so allows an athletically inclined child to use the hobby scholarship programme to participate in competitions or in a sports camp. A young person who is living in a substitute home and studying a vocation in an occupational school or is attending university shall receive the support required for purchasing learning tools, etc. Children living in a substitute home need to be noticed 12 months out of the year. A monthly donation of EUR 1 throughout the year, in the form of a Christmas present, gives the children many different experiences and opportunities, just like we support children growing in our own family 365 days a year.


Participate Thank you, if you have already supported our charity programme or if you are going to do it in the future! Sign a standing payment order contract in SEB Internet Bank for 3 euros a month or support with a single donation.