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The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Christmas wish tree: Santa, please bring me make-up!

This wish may raise the question of whether pure vanity or a practical need is behind the wish. A teenager, however, knows exactly why she is asking for perfume or cosmetics products as a gift – she wants to look good, and a well cared for exterior is extremely important to the growth of self-confidence in a young person.

Sixteen-year-old Evelin knows what would make her the happiest at Christmas – James Bond 007 perfume for Women. Evelin first discovered the scent by accident some time ago, and since that time, whenever she visits a cosmetics shop, she always seeks out the scent and sprays a bit on herself, secretly wishing to receive it as a gift.

Girls are not the only ones that want to look and smell good. A good looking exterior is just as important to young men. Three boys from Tallinn – Artjom (16), Dmitri (15) and Daniil (17) – have asked Santa for cologne, since it would give them added confidence. ‘Smelling good makes me feel better about myself’, explained Daniil.

Applying make-up requires practice

There are very few women who never use make-up. In order for make-up to look beautiful, one must know how to apply it. In this case, practice definitely makes perfect and a lot of girls begin to try their hand at applying make-up at a very young age.

Eleven-year-old Natali is, despite her young age, already very fashion conscious. She is a member of a fashion club. In particular, Natali likes to dress herself up for festive occasions. She hopes that Santa will bring her a fancy purse and some cosmetics, for example, lip gloss.

Fourteen-year-old Alina is a true lady, who never leaves home without applying make-up. Unfortunately there is a slight problem, since the girl doesn’t have enough pocket money to purchase make-up. She is also unable to borrow make-up supplies from her older sister easily, and she is right when she says that everyone should have their own make-up supplies. So it was that Alina wrote to Santa, asking for her own set of make-up that is as perfect as possible.

Sixteen-year-old Karina applies make-up every day and does so with considerable skill. Karina is a very beautiful girl, who is able to further highlight her beauty with make-up. This pays off for her, since she is actively involved in dancing and puts on many performances. Stage make-up plays a very important part, along with graceful dance steps, during performances. This is why Karina has asked for her very own eye shadow kit.

Jelizaveta is nearly an adult, and very much enjoys taking care of herself. She would be very happy to receive cosmetics: a pleasant smelling shower gel, pan stik, and supplies for applying make-up.

Practical need

Sometimes the need for cosmetics is quite practical, since young people’s skin may require special care and special cleaning supplies. This is the case with 17 year-old Meelis’ facial skin, which is why he could really use a very calming facial care product.
A product like this would help improve the condition of his facial skin and also his self-confidence.
Sixteen-year-old Oleg, who is an athletic type, has recently encountered problems with pimples and comedo. His facial skin tends to get out of control, which is the reason why Oleg is hoping to find a face mask – to help him avoid the pimple problem in the future – as his gift from Santa. This would make Oleg feel better and more self-confident.
Sixteen-year-old Victor has a problem with very oily facial skin, and he requires special cream in order to help him overcome his worries. Hopefully Santa will fulfil Victor’s wish!
The best Christmas gift is one that brings joy and helps one to develop, providing a spark in the drive for discovery, challenging one’s knowledge, or teaching a new skill. The best gift we can give a child is if we take into consideration their wishes and understand the actual needs behind these wishes.
Sharing gifts on Christmas Eve is the highlight of the year for many children, but life goes on for 12 months of the year and dreams don’t end with Christmas. Why not give a gift to these children each month by becoming a permanent supporter of their hobbies? The support of a permanent donor is invaluable because children growing up in family homes want to take part in training and be engaged in hobbies all year round, just like the children who are growing up with their parents. As a permanent donor, you can give them a feeling of certainty, that they will be able to take part in their favourite activities now and in the future!
Contribute EUR 3 and you will give children the gift of the experience of success, new experiences or support young people in acquiring an education, which is of critical importance when starting an independent life. Provide your own small contribution to the children living in substitute homes so that they will have the same supportive and nurturing environment as the children being raised in your own family. Read more: http://www.heategevusfond.ee/joulupuu/pysiannetus


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