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The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Christmas wish tree: Santa, please bring me

Christmas time is quickly approaching and the topic of discussion in many families is what to ask Santa for this year. It will soon be time to send letters to Santa. If there is more than one wish, then the most important one should be included in the letter – the biggest of the big wishes.

What could the letter discuss, in which there is a long list of the most desired things? Santa is every child’s friend and he would definitely like to learn more about who sent the letter. It makes him happy when a child writes a little about themselves – where they are living, what they like to do and why they are wishing for something in particular – as is written in their letter – what makes that wish special, and what the child’s ‘future life’ is with the desired Christmas present.

The “Christmas Wish Tree” includes the Christmas wishes of children growing in different substitute homes. There are nearly 700 this year; an impressive number. Hopefully, Santa will grant the wishes of all children, with the help of well-wishing supporters.

If you REALLY wish for something...

Let’s take a closer look at what children have written to Santa this year and the secret thoughts they have revealed.

Twelve year-old Tormi, who lives in Lääne County, is an active and curious boy. Recently he has become interested in lighthouses and would like to learn more about them. This is why Tormi wrote to Santa and said that a book on lighthouses would make him very happy. Who knows, perhaps Tormi will be able to visit a lighthouse and even climb inside it? That is his big dream.

Fifteen year-old Henriette wrote a long and detailed letter to Santa this year. Henriette is a child who cannot move without her wheelchair. This doesn’t mean in the slightest that Henriette is unable take part in family events. Quite the opposite – she is a very active girl, who is good at singing, goes to the disco, and never misses any family home events or school parties. However, the young lady doesn’t want to go to parties in everyday clothes, which is why she asked Santa for a Seppälä gift card. With the card she would buy herself a new party dress.

Henriette actually has another big secret, but she couldn’t write to Santa about it just yet. She enjoys drawing very much and would like to meet an artist in real life, for example, Navitrolla or Epp-Maria Kokamägi. If you really wish for something, then it generally comes true. Maybe the same will happen with Henriette’s dream!

Hobby related wishes

Some Christmas wishes are associated with very specific hobbies. Of course, Santa doesn’t know the hobbies of all children off the top of his head, but enjoys reading about what children are involved in during their free time in the letters sent to Santa. Seven-year-old Laura, who lives in Tallinn, spends her days accompanied by music. For several years, her hobbies have been singing and dancing, and this year she joined a dance group. Which is why Laura is asking Santa for a guitar with a microphone. With such a musical instrument she would be able to perform the songs she has learnt for others.

Seven-year-old Tarvi is still in nursery school, but is interested by pretty much everything in the world. Firecracker Tarvi is learning Judo and is an especially good cyclist – the little boy finds it no problem to complete a 10 km trek on his bicycle. Tarvi also likes to run and swim. And like all boys, Tarvi loves to explore and open things, to see how they are made and what is inside of them. How fun it is to loosen the occasional bolt and see what happens. It’s true, Tarvi has, on occasion, loosened some bolts which he shouldn’t have touched... Such is the life of someone who acts! Tarvi wrote to Santa and told him that he is longing for winter and hopes that there will be a lot of snow. Tarvi would like to go sledding and wishes that Santa would bring him an especially cool sled with a steering wheel. ‘I promise that I will also let other children ride the sled down the hill’, added Tarvi in his letter.

Each year Santa receives thousands of letters, although the wish found in each letter is special and very important. The joy of a gift received is greatest if a dream dreamt long ago is fulfilled. However, in order for it to be fulfilled, it must be thought about and written down!

The best Christmas gift is one that brings joy and helps one to develop, providing a spark in the drive for discovery, challenging one’s knowledge, or teaching a new skill. The best gift we can give a child is if we take into consideration their wishes and understand the actual needs behind these wishes.

Sharing gifts on Christmas Eve is the highlight of the year for many children, but life goes on for 12 months of the year and dreams don’t end with Christmas. Why not give a gift to these children each month by becoming a permanent supporter of their hobbies? The support of a permanent donor is invaluable because children growing up in family homes want to take part in training and be engaged in hobbies all year round, just like the children who are growing up with their parents. As a permanent donor, you can give them a feeling of certainty, that they will be able to take part in their favourite activities now and in the future!

Contribute EUR 3 and you will give children the gift of the experience of success, new experiences or support young people in acquiring an education, which is of critical importance when starting an independent life. Provide your own small contribution to the children living in substitute homes so that they will have the same supportive and nurturing environment as the children being raised in your own family. Read more: http://www.heategevusfond.ee/joulupuu/pysiannetus


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