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Christmas wish tree: music gives rhythm to life and helps to dream

Why is listening to music good? “Because you can grow up to be a musician,” says Rita. “Music is good, because great songs are sung,” thinks Harri.

Olga, 14, tells us that music makes her feel happy. “Music makes me happier and I’m never bored. You can ride on the bus and listen to music, thinking your own thoughts and dreaming. Sometimes I’m dreaming that the singer performing the song is me.”

Olga is one of the young people from substitute homes who dreams of getting a music player for Christmas. Each helper who has taken a look around the Christmas tree sees that there are many children wishing for an MP3 player. As one of the wishes seen so frequently on the tree of Christmas wishes, this needs further investigation.

So we ask Olga, why so: “Olga, when are you usually listening to music?”

“I listen to music when I am upset or angry about something, for example when I am not able to handle my homework, music calms me down.” It seems that Olga most often gets angry with herself when she is having a hard time with something, as she wants to be perfect, so that everything works out well from the beginning. In music, she has found a great helper to relieve stress.

The teacher thinks that this might be a way for Olga to learn to accept that nobody is perfect – everyone makes mistakes and nobody has everything working out perfectly for them immediately, but you must love yourself nevertheless. Right now Olga seems to be losing her self-confidence with a tumble when she has a setback.

Olga mainly listens to love songs, rap and rock, because she says that they have a nice melody, they are nice and calm.

The teacher says that one of the things music gives children is the ability to dream and escape this reality even for a moment. According to her, music relieves stress and is sometimes even therapeutic. A young person can also find a means of self-expression in music, helping them to build confidence and giving them the ability to handle their life better.

Olga also likes to listen to music when she feels good: “And I just love to dance, which is why I listen to music a lot!” She also loves to sing. She was in the school band and often sings along with pop songs at the substitute home. And she really loves to dance. It’s not only for her own entertainment though as Olga also loves to perform the dance routines she has thought of herself and teaches the other girls afterwards.

According to the teacher having role models and idols and a sense of belonging with their peers is very important for teenagers. When you are not able to speak about the latest song of the hottest band at school, you are bound to get a weird look...

When asked about when she usually listens to music, Olga says all the time, as a background to other activities. For example when riding on the bus or walking outside. Sometimes she also uses music to get a sense of privacy, especially when her 6-year-old roommate is playing with dolls and having loud conversations with them. Then Olga puts on her headphones and does not let herself be disturbed. So both of them can mind their own business in the room without bothering each other.

Music gives rhythm to life – both in a regular home and a substitute home.

Tauno Tõhk
Elf from Santa’s Office

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