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The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Christmas wish tree: How to write a letter to Santa?

Christmas anxiety grows with each passing day, and the subject of what to ask Santa for and how to send him wishes will probably be raised in many families. A good opportunity to phrase one’s wishes is to write a letter to Santa.

But how to write this letter and what to write in it? Everyone knows that Santa receives thousands of letters, and of course Santa would also like to know more about the sender and their hobbies. 

The “Christmas Wish Tree” includes the Christmas wishes of children growing in different substitute homes. Eleven-year-old Kirsika and her brother, Elar, who live in a family home in Tartu County, have already written and mailed their letter to Santa. The siblings know exactly what they want this year: kick scooters. This is not simply a wish. There is also a story behind it. For her age, Kirsika is an unusually responsible little girl who loves her family a lot and who most values her sisters and her brother Elar, who is studying in the same grade as her. They have grown together a lot; they always do everything together and share their hobbies. 

The siblings want to have kick scooters to cover the distance of two kilometres to school much faster. Now, when walking, this takes a lot of time. Kirsika and Elar also wrote to Santa that they have made an effort to make the ride a safe one: they have learned the traffic rules and they are saving pocket money to buy safety equipment required for the ride.

What do you know about parkour?

Ander, who is 18 and lives in another family house in Tartu County, wrote a detailed letter to Santa about his hobby. Ander has two big passions in life: computers and parkour. Since Santa might not know exactly what parkour is, Ander explained that it is a physical activity that consists of straight-forward, smooth, and fast movement across any landscape, overcoming the various obstacles in one’s path. Ander is seriously into parkour; but sometimes he needs to skip a few days of training because he has painful blisters on his hands from facing the obstacles. “It would be great if Santa brought me a pair of training gloves, so I could participate in my hobby more seriously,” Ander wrote. “It’s not the best feeling to have to cancel practice due to blisters.”

A doll would like to sleep in a stroller

Six-year-old Liza, who lives in Ida-Viru County, loves to play with dolls; like most girls her age. Liza also wrote to Santa about what a cool and beautiful big doll she recently received for her birthday. Even now her games with the doll are endless; however, if she also had a stroller for her doll, she could go for walks and invite other children from the family to walk the small baby together. This is what Liza wrote about to Santa, and she hopes very much that her Christmas wish comes true. 

Seven-year-old Hanna, who lives in Tallinn, and who has written to Santa for several years already, adds another thought: “Be sure to write something good to Santa, so he would be happy to receive the letter! I always write Santa that he is very dear to me!”

The joy of a gift is greatest if the dreamt wish is fulfilled. In their letters, the children have given thought as to why this particular thing is so important to them. Be it either headphones that allow them to be on one’s own, from time to time, or a Blue-tooth speaker that allows them to share the newest music with others; a kick scooter, which makes the trip to school shorter or an alarm clock, which helps the resident of boarding school facilities to make it to the bus on time; soft building blocks for experimenting with the basic knowledge of building or a mini kitchen that allows the doll family to be fed – each wish has its own story and each wish is special. 

Browse the page of Christmas wishes and help Santa to fulfil children’s special wishes: www.heategevusfond.ee/joulupuu

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