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Christmas wish tree: A boy with an interest in technology may grow up to become an engineer

A child’s interest in technology may be revealed quite early in life. It is possible that a boy who is already unscrewing bolts at the age of five, because he wants to know how something is built, will become an engineer or inventor in the future.

Technology fascinates many young people, since the field is much broader than it initially appears. Many children in family homes attend robotics and technology groups with great enthusiasm, where they use their own hands to create machines that move through the power of technology. An interest in information technology also leads to the field of technology and the sciences. It is an extracurricular activity that may also provide the beginnings for the selection of a vocation.

Drones and aircraft

Flying has intrigued people since the dawn of time and still interests them to this day. Thirteen-year-old Taavi, from Tartu County, would like a remote control helicopter from Santa. Taavi not only wants to fly the helicopter, but also discover what force makes the machine fly. Taavi is one of those children who simply MUST know how things work. He loves the idea of do-it-yourself, and has been attending technology groups for several years. His creations are becoming increasingly detailed and exciting, and his latest achievement was creating a motor for a toy car. And, of course, the car works!

Thirteen-year-old Tarmo, who lives in Põlva County, is interested in technology and loves to use, repair and dismantle technical gadgets. His big wish is to have his very own drone, with which he can do all kinds of exciting things. Eighteen-year-old Karl, from Harju County, is also dreaming about his very own drone. He is a technical person and has already begun to shape his interests – he is studying to become an electrician.

Last year, thirteen-year-old Quentin received a drone from Santa. Unfortunately it broke quickly due to his lack of experience. After the accident, Quentin was, of course, very sad and tried to repair the drone himself, but to no avail. Now he would like a new drone, and already knows how to take care of it, so that it will not break. The boy has a serious interest in electronics, and can be found sitting alone behind his desk tinkering or crafting some exciting technological gadget.

Ten-year-old Levi very much enjoys building and crafting things. So much so, that he recently wanted to purchase boards with his own pocket money, to build a playhouse in the yard at home...Levi also wants a drone very much.

Timeless Lego

Lego offers unlimited possibilities and has provided entertainment to generations of children. This year, many children wrote to Santa with their Lego wishes.

Ten-year old Toomas flipped through Lego catalogues for several weeks, thinking about what to ask Santa for. In the end, he decided on a Lego fishing boat set, which seemed exciting and sufficiently complicated. The boy enjoys complicated things in particular, and anything associated with technology and crafting. This is the reason that he has attended a technology group since autumn, and will be attending a robotics group in the new year. Toomas is awaiting the latter with great anticipation.

Eight-year-old Kert is quite good with puzzles and building Lego. He is already a member of a robotics group, about which he speaks with great enthusiasm. This year, smart and clever Kert is looking forward to receiving a chemistry set from Santa, since it seems like there is a little scientist hiding inside of him.

A different take on technology

Seventeen-year-old Ivan, from Valga County, is a well-known computer guy in the family home. His Christmas wish is connected with this – he is asking Santa for a new computer case. ‘My hobby is dealing with computer software and hardware.’ In his letter to Santa, he explained his wish by writing: ‘I would like to upgrade my computer’s hardware, and as a starting point I need a computer case, into which all of the components will be placed’.

Sixteen-year-old Arne is interested in audio equipment and is frequently assisting his audio technician friend, who is involved in organising parties. They assemble the audio equipment together. Of course Arne is also a big music fan and would like to listen to music all the time. In order not to disturb others, he would like an MP3 player with headphones. ‘In this way, I could listen to my favourite music and hum along’, Arne wrote to Santa.

Seventeen-year-old Helar is known in the family home as a talented filmmaker. He is quite adept at editing clips together He has included all of the children in a number of exciting films and they always watch the films together as a family. So far, Helar has made his films using a telephone; however, the quality is not the best. It would be awesome if Santa could bring Helar a video camera. The boy’s other interests are also related to technology – he is interested in computers and information technology.

The best Christmas gift is one that brings joy and helps one to develop, providing a spark in the drive for discovery, challenging one’s knowledge, or teaching a new skill. The best gift we can give a child is if we take into consideration their wishes and understand the actual needs behind these wishes.

Sharing gifts on Christmas Eve is the highlight of the year for many children, but life goes on for 12 months of the year and dreams don’t end with Christmas. Why not give a gift to these children each month by becoming a permanent supporter of their hobbies? The support of a permanent donor is invaluable because children growing up in family homes want to take part in training and be engaged in hobbies all year round, just like the children who are growing up with their parents. As a permanent donor, you can give them a feeling of certainty, that they will be able to take part in their favourite activities now and in the future!

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