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Christmas wish tree: A book or a board game – a timeless gift!

Every parent knows how difficult it is in the age of smart devices to convince a child to become friends with a book. Smart entertainment is also gaining increasing preference over board games. Luckily, children who are interested in books and boardgames have not disappeared completely yet, and this year Santa received a large number of letters containing those specific wishes.

Aleksei, a 17 year old boy from Ida Viru County, is a big space fan. He is drawn to far away galaxies and everything that involves planets, stars, meteorites, astronauts and space technology. This is the reason he sent Santa a very specific wish: one can search for the requisite information from the internet, on a fragment by fragment basis, but Aleksei wants a space themed encyclopaedia, in which all of the interesting and exciting information is found together in one place.

The fantasy world of books

Fifteen-year-old Helo is a big fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and loves to read fantasy tales in their original language. Her biggest wish is to receive a copy of this incredible collection. Helo, who hails from Tartu, is multi-talented. She is interested in scientific achievements, as well as art and music. Helo is a very good student and has participated in Olympics and taken part in research rooms. Helo also loves to read – whenever she finds the time, she dives into the enchanting world of books. She can lose herself there for hours.

Thirteen-year-old Karoliina also loves to spend time in the company of books. She is hoping that Santa will bring her a copy of Reeli Reinaus’ young adult novel Verikambi. The main characters are four high school kids and the action takes place around an abandoned water mill and the mystical possession of land, Verikambri, surrounding it. Karoliina is interested in such stories! ‘I really like to read. A book lets me be in my own bubble. Reading calms me and also gives me new knowledge’, wrote Karoliina in her letter to Santa. The young girl is also an excellent singer. She has been singing in various choirs for six years already. This year, she started going to dance practice.

Good old Monopoly

Fifteen-year-old Kärt, who lives in Tallinn, dedicates a lot of time to learning and thinks about living an independent life. She knows that in order to be successful in life one must be able to make smart choices. How can one practise making those choices if one is still a school girl and has very little in the way of pocket money? Kärt believes that the game of Monopoly will help her to practice her decision making and business skills, which is why she is asking Santa for the game. Not to mention that the enthralling game allows one to have a good time with one’s friends.

Thirteen-year-old Aleksei spends a lot of time on the computer. He discovered the game of Monopoly while surfing the internet and it began to interest him so much that now he wants an actual physical copy of Monopoly to play with his friends. Perhaps Monopoly will help Aleksei find his way back from the virtual world to the real world.

The magic of colouring

Twelve-year-old Marleen, whose life has been very complicated, loves to colour mandalas. She says that colouring has a calming influence: she is able to focus only on the activity, is able to be alone and soon an incredibly beautiful picture is completed. ‘That, in itself, improves my mood’, says Marleen. Marleen has asked Santa for a colouring book and thin gel pencils designed for colouring mandalas.

The best Christmas gift is one that brings joy and helps one to develop, providing a spark in the drive for discovery, challenging one’s knowledge, or teaching a new skill. The best gift we can give a child is if we take into consideration their wishes and understand the actual needs behind these wishes.

Sharing gifts on Christmas Eve is the highlight of the year for many children, but life goes on for 12 months of the year and dreams don’t end with Christmas. Why not give a gift to these children each month by becoming a permanent supporter of their hobbies? The support of a permanent donor is invaluable because children growing up in family homes want to take part in training and be engaged in hobbies all year round, just like the children who are growing up with their parents. As a permanent donor, you can give them a feeling of certainty, that they will be able to take part in their favourite activities now and in the future!

Contribute EUR 3 and you will give children the gift of the experience of success, new experiences or support young people in acquiring an education, which is of critical importance when starting an independent life. Provide your own small contribution to the children living in substitute homes so that they will have the same supportive and nurturing environment as the children being raised in your own family. Read more:


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