Jõulusoovide puu

The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Christmas wish tree: By becoming a permanent donor, you will help children’s dreams come true!

At Christmas time, we all do good deeds and give presents to children who lack the warmth of a home to cheer them up. But the time of presents comes to an end and life goes on as usual – children are growing and their trainings, hobbies and studies require that expenses be covered. In covering these expenses, we really appreciate every helping hand.

Just like at home, parents make sure their child finds their path in life by trying out various hobbies and trainings, the same goes for children growing in family homes – they, too, need to find a nice activity that could perhaps be the beginning of a long-term hobby or a beloved activity for life.

After all, we do wish that an eager young wrestler would turn into an adolescent who appreciates exercise in independent life as well, and that a guitar-enthusiast would turn into a music-lover who enjoys cultural events. But why not even a future Olympic winner or a world-famous guitar virtuoso. One thing is certain: dreams should not get stuck behind not having the money to pay the monthly fee for a club or buy new football boots. 

This year, we invite Christmas Wish Tree donors to think about children’s dreams from another angle as well. A Christmas present occupies a certain place, providing a child with the singular experience of being noticed. At the same time, we also challenge good-willed Estonians to make a Christmas present in the form of a monthly contribution of EUR 1 per child or youth. Doing so allows an athletically inclined child to use the hobby scholarship programme to participate in competitions or in a sports camp. A young person who is living in a substitute home and studying a vocation in an occupational school or is attending university shall receive the support required for purchasing learning tools, etc. Children living in a substitute home need to be noticed 12 months out of the year. A monthly donation of EUR 1 throughout the year, in the form of a Christmas present, gives the children many different experiences and opportunities, just like we support children growing in our own family 365 days a year.

All across Estonia, there are children who want to actively engage in their hobbies, so there is no difference in whether they live at home with their mother and father or at a family home. 

New football clothing will not be left unused

Nine-year-old Sander, who is living at a family home in Tartu County, has been going to football trainings for two years now and his coach has nothing but praise for him. Sander is an important player on the team and represents the football club FC Elva. He is always happy to take part in competitions, gives his all in the game and comes back with an even greater eagerness to practice. Of course, this hobby needs money as well – the fast growing sports boy needs new football boots and clothes once a year and any help in paying his monthly training fee would be great.

The little sumo champ would like to dance

Five-year-old Johanna, from Jõgeva County, is an extremely restless and energetic little ball of fire. She is attending a romping class for the second year already and there is no match for her among children her age in the entire county – after all, she is the Jõgeva County champion in sumo. 

Ten-year-old Liandra, who lives at the Tartu family house, is a complete and utter dance fan – she attends dance classes 3 times a week, and the more she dances, the more she wants to do it. But she needs equipment to dance – the training clothes and footwear need about EUR 50 a year and monthly trainings cost EUR 36. Also, Liandra would be really sad to miss the dance camp held during summer, where she would get to dance with her friends pretty much all day long.

But romping and wrestling are not the only things Johanna is interested in. She appears to have a great sense of rhythm and loves dancing and music. She can play the harp and the recorder a little already, but she really dreams about attending a dance club. She has not been able to do it so far because of money. 

Assar, a year older than Johanna and living at the same family house, is a great sumo boy and the champion of the county. He also has musical talent and the family mother is teaching him how to play the guitar. Assar also likes running and participating in running competitions. However, the thing is that the trainings are held in the town and he would need a helping hand to pay for the transport. 

Karolina’s hippotherapy

Being in the company of big and smart horses has a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Horseback riding has been recommended by the psychologist to 10-year-old Karolina, who is living in a Tartu family home and who tends to be a little anxious. To better focus and stay calm, Karolina attends yoga classes. But her teachers are looking for opportunities to fund the horseback riding classes, which are rather pricy. And when it comes to riding, Karolina would need equipment as well – a helmet and boots. 

A Christmas gift that brings joy and helps in developing one’s self is the best – be it a surprise that sparks the drive for discovery, challenges one’s knowledge, or teaches a new skill. The best gift we can give a child is if we appreciate his/her wishes and understand the actual needs behind these wishes.

You can be a real star this Christmas by making a monthly donation of EUR 1 as your gift to children for one year. Children without parental care need positive emotions throughout the year and not just during Christmas. Donate EUR 1 each month and you will be giving children fulfilment of success, new experiences, or supporting young people in training for a job in which to start their independent life. Give your small contribution to children living in substitute homes so that they would have the same supportive and developing environment as the children being raised in your own family. Read more http://www.heategevusfond.ee/joulupuu/pysiannetus


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