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The Christmas wish tree is made up of the dreams and wishes of children in shelters and substitute homes, sent to Santa Clause. To make sure that these do not just remain dreams, pick a gift from the Christmas tree and make a donation to the best of your ability.


Christmas van is on its way to the children

During the last two weeks of November, when Santa`s elves were not yet peeking into windows, there was a tree of Christmas wishes up on Delfi`s website. The Christmas gift wishes of more than a thousand Estonian children, who have to spend the forthcoming Christmas holidays in a substitute home or shelter, hung on that tree.

The wishes gathered on the Christmas tree, at the initiative of SEB Heategevusfond, were fulfilled at incredible speed – during a period of one week, more than a thousand people made a donation. Thanks to these donations, on this year`s Christmas Eve, we can fulfil precisely those wishes that were whispered into the ears of educators.

Who are these good people, who gave their helping hand to Santa Claus and cherished children’s Christmas wishes?

The donations were made by more than a thousand kind-hearted fellow Estonians – from Tallinn and Narva as well as from Lille and Kulla villages. There were equal proportions of men and women, very young and slightly older people as well as the elderly, Estonians and Russians and those living across the border, who made their contributions for the sake of the children living in their mother country; students, entrepreneurs, pensioners and others among the donors.

Amongst other donors was granny Liivi, who has five grandchildren and who said that her friends are as poor as herself; the only difference being that her friends are not willing to donate for the sake of others. The fact that the people who chose or made the gift knew precisely what they had made the donation for and who those in need were, was of great importance to the donators.

In order to fulfil bigger wishes, we called for the help of fellowships to gather together those people who wish to help. In this way, more expensive Christmas gift wishes were also fulfilled.

Urmo, who lives in Lääne-Viru County, had his dream realized by graduates of a technical high school, who collected their classmates` pocket money and made a donation precisely for that boy. Küllike, who lives in Tallinn, gathered her friends to support Keila SOS Lasteküla in buying the family house a new computer – so that the children could do their homework and the educators would be able to keep an eye on their results via the e-school environment.

Many enterprises also made their contributions to putting a sparkle in the eyes of the children at Christmas time. That is how, amongst other events, the charity auction of used computers took place. The wishes of several family houses were fulfilled with the profits earned from the auction.

The tree of Christmas wishes was not just a possibility to donate money. There are always other options for making a contribution. For instance, a young man – who wanted to donate his time instead of money – contacted us, and a substitute home situated in Lääne County got a Santa Claus for Christmas Eve. A girl wished to receive a pair of earrings as a Christmas present. A lady, whose hobby is jewellery making, noticed this wish and promised to make a whole set of jewellery for the girl.

What kind of wishes made their way into the Christmas gift bag?

Children had very different wishes. Many wished for practical presents, but there were also wishes inspired by dreams. On the wish list, there were soft teddy bears and dolls, Lego sets, colourful mittens, MP3-players and mobile phones. Boys and girls more active in sports wished for new sports equipment: sledges, ice skates and skis, football equipment, punching bags and many other things.

Each child’s wish was approached individually when the presents were made. On several occasions, Santa’s little helpers consulted with the caretakers in order to fulfil each child’s wish as accurately as possible.

A little boy wished for Helen’s CD, which unfortunately had not yet been released by the time of gift-wrapping. Santa’s elves contacted the singer, in order to find out how they could fulfil the child’s special wish, and by now, Helen’s CD, with kind-hearted wishes and a dedication to the child, is wrapped up in a gift bag. In the same way, Santa’s little helper Anne contacted Koit Toome and that is how Koit Toome’s CD, with his autograph, also made its way into the Christmas gift bag. It was not possible to get a set of camouflage winter wear, which was desired by an active boy belonging to the ranks of Young Eagles, from the retail network; however, helpers, who could fulfil the boy`s wish, were found quickly via the Facebook website. A little girl dreamed of a ceiling lamp decorated with butterflies, and one just like that was found at a furniture store in Tallinn. Soon it will light up the girl’s bedroom.

The Chief Elf of Santa’s Office said that finding the presents and wrapping them up went smoothly, thanks to the magnificent helpers and all the kind people. This kind of cordiality warms the souls of those who make the presents as well as the hearts of those who get them.

Santa Claus is already on his way to meet the children in Estonia in a Christmas van filled with gifts. In just a few hours, he will be going from door to door, giving the joy wrapped up in the gift bags to all the children staying in substitute homes and shelters across Estonia.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the joyful time together with your family!

Triin Lumi

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