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Auhinnaga „Lastega ja lastele“ täname ja tunnustame inimesi ja organisatsioone, kelle uued algatused või pikemaajaline tegevus on positiivselt mõjutanud laste ja perede käekäiku.
Tunnustusauhinna taotluste voor on avatud 15. aprillini.

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Children took their skis, went on the course and skied like pros!

The wintry weather in Tähtvere Park, on Saturday, was the best thing that could have happened to the young skiing enthusiasts: a few degrees below zero, no wind and the sun shining up in the sky. 150 children staying in safe houses and substitute homes also enjoyed the pleasant weather and took part in the children’s races (course of 500 m up to 5 km) that took place before the Tartu Marathon.

Even before the competition day, Tartu children were eagerly interested in how does this marathon look, how long the distance is and what happens if your stamina lets you down on the course. If some children said that they had not yet achieved the top shape of their athletic career by the time of the marathon, then on the course they promised to make it by sheer enthusiasm.

Marko was the first one from Tartu to finish the 500 m course and get a medal, and his smiling face did not show any signs of exhaustion. The vivacious young skier did a few more laps and did not want to give away his skis, he explained proudly that skiing is in his genes – his grandfather had been a long-time marathon skier.

Other children started together on the 2-kilometre course. Andre was one of the first children to finish, and he was rather exhausted when he returned from the course. When the children arrived, he ran in front of everyone and chattered quickly and constantly as he moved along, but after the race he maundered along at the end of the line and talked less for quite some time – skiing had drained him.

Evelin returned from the course, when the other children had already been back for a while. It turned out that she had fallen behind of the group, got confused and joined the skiers on the 4-kilometre course – so the young girl finished the longer course instead and was very proud of herself. At the finish line, every child was surprised with a medal, diploma and a bag of candy.

After the strain, the refreshment offered at the lunch table in the Ahhaa Centre was especially delicious, but the Tartu children did not have much time to eat, they were afraid that Aura Waterpark will run out of water or the building will be struck by some natural disaster that could ruin their plans for a swim. When volunteer Diana invited the children running around in the waterpark to get warm again in the sauna – since the lips of the children were already turning purple – the children answered her that their lips were supposed to be purple and hurried to slide down the water slides again.

For three girls from Viljandi County, it was their first opportunity to test their stamina in a marathon, and one of them, Diana, was skiing for only the second time in her entire life. They had been excited since early morning; teeth were quickly brushed and breakfast eaten as fast as possible. Hearts beating and holding their skis proudly, they waited in front of the house for the bus to arrive. On the marathon course, the girls were overcome by the spirit of competition and they were not discouraged by falling down a few times on the course. All of them wanted to win and were happy about the medals they received after crossing the finish line.

After the brisk marathon, the children still had energy left to enjoy the waterpark, where they slid down water slides, swam in pools and enjoyed the saunas. On their way back home, Brigita stated proudly that her sister had taught her to swim today, and after this important statement she lost a milk tooth.

Before the start was given on the one kilometre course, the teachers could not find Artur, from Harju County, anywhere. When the boy was found, it turned out that this impatient little athlete had gone on the course by himself, had finished it and was extremely happy about the first time he had ever finished in first place!

Participants from Ida-Viru County consider the skiing marathon their favourite sporting event, and every child wished to be the best. Every child chose the course that suited their abilities. It was the first time for Polina to be on skis, and at first she was worried about whether she would manage to ski through the entire course. But when she saw her smiling friends coming back from the course with medals and gift bags, she found the strength and faith and hurried to the start line – there was no room left for fear anymore!

Pärnu children had talked on their way back home that this had been the best event – it was their first marathon and that fact alone was of great importance to them. The teacher shared her delight when she saw her children starting on the course with proud faces – the view after the start was given was overwhelming, everyone was skiing as best as they could and knew how to. When the children got their medals and bags of candy at the finish line, the contentment and joy on their faces was delightful.

That night the children from Pärnu put their medals under their pillows when they went to sleep; this was said to be a safe place to keep such a relic. And younger children, who had had their fingers crossed for the participants in various places in Estonia, said that they will start practicing diligently so that they could compete next winter as well.

Impressions gathered from the children and teachers by

Triin Lumi

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