Lastega ja lastele

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For the children

June starts with the International Day for Protection of Children, filled with cheerful family events and hopeful speeches of how we care and what we do in the name of children. Once, I told my good friend that I work for children day and night. All so that they would get everything they need: a good education, participate in sports, sing, travel, and feel good. I was waiting for him to praise me, but he told me that I was doing it for myself instead. That time we did not agree. Today, I agree with him.

My need and responsibility as an adult is to give the child life and take care of the child. The child’s need is to live with happy parents who have the time and will to support the child’s growth. It is important to distinguish between the child’s and parent’s needs.

Every child’s birth is an extraordinary and wonderful event. I wish that when we become parents, we all have a sense of responsibility, awareness, and the will to be a good parent. At school we learn to add and subtract and master world geography, but becoming a good parent is thought to be self-evident in society. It is still worth making an effort. Every adult who is happy and able to independently cope increases the well-being of us all. We are looking for that certain something that would make our life in Estonia better — maybe this panacea is a smart parent.

It seems to me that children in need are noticed more than before. More explanatory work needs to be done about intervention. The latest information on child welfare shows us that in 2012, 2808 children were registered as children in need, which is 754 children more than in 2010. When last year 352 children were separated from their families, then in 2010 it was 460. The number of children living in substitute homes (orphanages) has also decreased. At the same time, about 40,000 children live in a relative risk of poverty. We have what to think about and work towards.

I have been often asked what one could do for these children. The most tangible help is to check if you and your close ones are all fine. You can always look around your village, maybe there is a family who needs help. I am inspired by examples, in which a teacher or a parent has paid for a student’s excursion or theatre ticket if the student himself could not afford it. With the desire to be a parent, it is worth considering offering the opportunity to grow in a family to a child who has been deprived of parental care.

Thinking of all children living in Estonia, I wish to invite you to Paide on 2 June, where for one day the small town becomes a truly big family capital. We will walk there to support the idea that every child has the right to grow in a safe family. Whereby, the family model is created by us all according to our skills, possibilities, and needs. There is no template to show what the right family looks like. For the child, it is important to have close adults who believe in and support him or her. Besides walking and events throughout the day, we will share information in the Oma Pere tent about different possibilities how to help children who have lost parental care. You can find out about all the events that will happen in Paide on 2 June, if you read our association’s website

Thinking of the children

Sigrid Petoffer
mother of two and project manager at MTÜ Oma Pere.

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