Tunnustusauhind „Lastega ja lastele“ ootab nominente

Tunnustamist väärivad lapsed, noored, täiskasvanud, ettevõtmised ja ühendused, kes on oluliselt panustanud laste ja noorte heaolusse. Kandidaate saab esitada 20. aprillini 2017.
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Moments experienced together that we look forward to with eagerness and excitement


The non-profit association SEB Heategevusfond got the idea of opening a round for applications to fund activities that families could enjoy together in the late spring of 2015. Connecting with a child and building a relationship with him or her is something the fund regards as very important. The project, enabling one to gain new experiences together with the family, offers an opportunity for all family members to get to know each other better outside their familiar environment of the home. Through fun activities it is also easier for the children to expand their world with new knowledge and skills.

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Looky-looky, Vargamäe – no love, but children were born!?


In the last weekend of October, the children of several Estonian shelters and substitute homes got a chance to enjoy the new children’s play “Vai-vai vaene Vargamäe” (“Looky-looky, poor Vargamäe”) at Ugala Theatre in Viljandi. After a thought-provoking play, children had the opportunity to visit the backstage and meet the actors. This was followed by a tour of Viljandi, with a visit to all of the city’s most beloved tourist attractions.

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A BIG dog!? No, it’s a polar bear!


In the last week of August, children from substitute homes and safe houses from all over Estonia got to enjoy a traditional pre-school visit to Tallinn Zoo with the help of the non-profit association SEB Heategevusfond. In addition to seeing all sorts of birds and animals, the children had fun on trampolines, had their faces painted, enjoyed some tasty pancakes and took photos with family and friends.

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