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Apple’s charity auction helps to make children’s wishes come true

Valge Klaar, a business that deals with the sale and maintenance of Apple products, is also helping to make this year’s Christmas wishes of children without parental care come true by giving new life to used devices and putting refurbished products up for a charity auction.

Over the last four years, as part of the Christmas wish tree project, SEB Heategevusfond has collected Christmas presents for more than a thousand children without parental care and made their wishes come true with the help of kind donors. The Christmas wish tree can be found in the Delfi internet portal. Valge Klaar OÜ, a business that deals with the sale and maintenance of Apple products, once again decided to help out with the gift collecting project.

Devices that have been given new life will be sold at the charity auction, and the proceeds will be used to support the SEB Heategevusfond in making the wishes on the Christmas wish tree come true. So far, more than 30 products have been handed in, which the seasoned technicians will fix up into devices that can be used again.

Heiti Kender, maintenance manager at Valge Klaar, said, “We asked people to bring us their unused and broken Apple computers, phones and other devices, so that our technicians can repair them, spruce them up, and give them a 90-day warranty. At the moment, there are at least ten devices that will be put up for auction.”

Valge Klaar is accepting used devices until 16 December, after which the first auctions will be held at The starting price for all devices will be EUR 1 and they will be sold for the best price, going to the highest bidder. This way, the new owners of these Apple devices will help to make the Christmas wishes of the children and of the substitute homes come true.

There are many kind donors; some of them are somewhat perplexed and shy, while others just radiate gratification. A member of the Riigikogu brought in a perfectly usable computer for the auction and the pop artist Mia gave away her iPod, saying: “I can get by without it and make music, let someone else have fun with that iPod and maybe some of my pieces will end up on it eventually.” Kender added, “I myself put my iPhone, which I have been using for years, up for auction. Although there are many good memories associated with it, the device has to do some good now, not just in my memories.”

Heiti Kender believes that it is self-evident to help those in need and that it feels great to participate in charity events, “Although I am a sceptic and an atheist, I do believe in the good inside of people and that the world can be made a better place one good deed at a time. It is not even that difficult – there are times where there is very little required to bring a smile to the face of a child or a family in need, not to mention the donors themselves.”

Triin Lumi, CEO of the SEB Heategevusfond, says that the initiative of Valge Klaar is a good example of how friends come together to make big wishes come true, and how one good deed snowballs into something even bigger and multiplies its scope many times over, bringing joy to those in need, as well as to the donors. Lumi added, “Some wishes on the Christmas tree are really small, whilst some are really big – there are children longing for a stuffed toy to hug, whilst others are dreaming of a remote-controlled aircraft, a bicycle or their very own mobile. The good elf has found most of the children’s wishes, there are only 15 of the somewhat bigger wishes left on the Christmas tree. Estonia is small enough so that we can get in contact with everyone in need personally, and with the help of the donors we can give the children exactly the presents that they want. Although the general welfare at substitute homes and shelters is guaranteed, they very often run short of personal attention, the provision of which is the main goal of our campaign. When in regular families the parents and grandparents combine the resources available to them in order to make the wishes of children come true, the children staying at substitute homes and shelters, unfortunately, do not have such a support network and close relatives, and for them a donor’s gift is the only chance to make their dreams come true.”

The project for supporting the Christmas wish tree has been running for two years. Last year, 21 computers were collected, fixed up and put up for sale at, with the proceeds being used to fulfil some of the Christmas wishes of the children living in substitute homes.

Triin Lumi

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