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With and For Children: Let us acknowledge those who create positive changes in the lives of children and families

Once again it is time to submit nominations for the merit award “With and For Children” to recognise the people who with their work and activity have positively affected the lives of Estonian children and families.

Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise: “Anyone who helps children grow up to be a good person, deserve the highest gratitude and recognition. Also, this year we are going to recognise on the Children’s Day those, who have work in a committed manner for the children and the youth. Each young person is lucky enough to meet in their life’s journey people, who inspire them and offer support, if necessary: such as teachers, doctors, trainers, actors, civic associations. We can inspire and help children - the creators of Estonian future - in almost every profession and role.”
We can notice and recognise both, the small and the big ones, but also the organisations, who have given more than expected with their initiative or long-term activity, to make the eyes of children, young people and families shine.

This is the sixth occasion on which the merit award “With and For Children” is handed out. This year, awards are given in three categories: “Great Deed of the Child”, “Creator of Change” and “Lifetime Achievement Award”. In addition, a committee of children and young people shall acknowledge one of the nominations for the award, whose activity they consider as most prominent.

Nominations can be submitted until April 15, for which an application must be filled in on the homepage of the Chancellor of Justice. The President Kersti Kaljulaid and the Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise will hand over the awards on June 1, on the Children’s Day, in the Rose Garden of the Office of the President.

The merit award is given by eight organisations who value the wellbeing of children: Non-profit associations MTÜ Eesti Asenduskodu Töötajate Liit, MTÜ Eesti Lasterikaste Perede Liit, MTÜ Lastekaitse Liit, MTÜ Oma Pere, MTÜ SEB Heategevusfond, Estonian National Social Insurance Board, The Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia and the Office of the Chancellor of Justice. You can view the previous award winners and the statute of the merit award on the homepage of the Chancellor of Justice.    

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