Find a child’s dream on the Christmas tree

You can help the dreams come true all year round by making a single contribution or with a permanent donation:

SEB Heategevusfond

There is nothing more simple or obvious than knowing that every child needs security, stability and a home, where he may find sympathy, help and support even when things are not going the way they should. Above all, a child needs loving parents. Unfortunately, this is just a dream for many children …

SEB Heategevusfond was established to support children, whose parents do not care for them. The fund collects donations and carries out several projects all-the-year-round to support the children, staying in substitute homes and shelters, co-ordinates counselling of foster families and grants scholarships.

Participate Thank you, if you have already supported our charity programme or if you are going to do it in the future! Sign a standing payment order contract in SEB Internet Bank for 3 euros a month or support with a single donation.


Special and important wishes of children with special needs


There are many children with special needs living in family homes. They too have Christmas wishes they can’t wait to come true.

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Gift craze of Christmas – is it really inevitable?


In many families, the time before Christmas becomes a huge gift craze with children coming up with the most utopian wishes and parents willing to go out of their way to make these wishes come true, no matter what. How does one ensure that Christmas does not become a consumer party and the presents bring joy for longer than just the moment of opening the package?

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Moments experienced together that we look forward to with eagerness and excitement


The non-profit association SEB Heategevusfond got the idea of opening a round for applications to fund activities that families could enjoy together in the late spring of 2015. Connecting with a child and building a relationship with him or her is something the fund regards as very important. The project, enabling one to gain new experiences together with the family, offers an opportunity for all family members to get to know each other better outside their familiar environment of the home. Through fun activities it is also easier for the children to expand their world with new knowledge and skills.

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